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  Stavanger  2007   Men's Grand Slam
28.06.2007 -  01.07.2007




The second Grand Slam stop

STAVANGER 2007 - For the sixth-straight year, the oil capital of Norway hosts a double gender SWATCH-FIVB World Tour event.  The 2007 event will be the second of four “Grand Slam” events on the SWATCH-FIVB World Tour schedule.  Paris hosts the first “major” event of 2007 a week before Stavanager, while Berlin and Klagenfurt, Austria stage “Grand Slam” stops in  July and August respectively.  Stavanger has become a favoured Beach Volleyball destination due to the fanatical support the event has enjoyed since its creation in 1999.   Since the southwestern Norwegian city’s landscape has been described as varied, contrasting and inspiring, the unpredictable weather in Stavanger adds to the excitement of the event.  Indeed, it is not unknown for conditions to change dramatically during a match so the athletes need to be well prepared for every possible outcome when they step out onto the sand.  Fjords and mountains, sophisticated city life and a multicultural population all help to create a special atmosphere in Stavanger where the motto is simply to “enjoy life!”



Men - Will another country other than Brazil ever win a men’s SWATCH-FIVB World Tour event in Norway?  Led by Emanuel Rego, Brazilians have been atop the Stavanger podium in each of the past eight events with 15 overall medals. Brazil reasserted their dominance at last year's event by sweeping the podium. Emanuel has seven gold medals and a bronze while his current partner Ricardo Santos has five gold medal finishes.  Norway’s top finishes are fifths by Vegard Hoidalen and Jorre Kjemperud in 2001 and 2002.



Brazilian podium (left to right) for Marcio Araujo, Fabio, Ricardo, Emanuel, Harley and Benjamin



Year - Stavanger Gold Medal / Stavanger Silver Medal / Stavanger Bronze Medal

1999 - Jose Loiola/Emanuel Rego, Brazil / Guilherme Marques/Para Ferreira, Brazil / Ze Marco de Melo/Ricardo Santos, Brazil
2000 - Ze Marco/Ricardo, Brazil / Marcio Araujo/Benjamin Insfran, Brazil / Loiola/Emanuel, Brazil
2001 - Emanuel/Tande Ramos, Brazil / Martin Laciga/Paul Laciga, Switzerland / Para/Ze Marco de, Brazil
2002 - Emanuel/Tande, Brazil / Loiola/Ricardo, Brazil / Stefan Kobel/Patrick Heuscher, Switzerland
2003 - Emanuel/Ricardo, Brazil / Martin Conde/Mariano Baracetti, Argentina / Julien Prosser/Mark Williams, Australia
- Emanuel/Ricardo, Brazil / Dave Klemperer/Niklas Rademacher, Germany / Franco/Tande, Brazil

2005 - Emanuel/Ricardo, Brazil / Benjamin/Harley Marques, Brazil / Hesucher/Kobel, Switzerland

2006 - Emanuel/Ricardo, Brazil / Fabio-Luiz/Marcio Araujo, Brazil / Benjamin/Harley, Brazil




Women - The southwestern Norwegian port city hosts a women’s event for the sixth-straight year and the famed dockside court was the site of history in 2005 when Greece’s Vassiliki Arvaniti became the youngest player (20 years, 3 months, 15 days) ever to win an “open” SWATCH-FIVB World Tour event.  Nila Ann Hakedal and Ingrid Torlen placed fifth in 2004 for the top finish by a Norwegian team in the five Stavanger stops. The Brazilian 1-2-3 in the 2006 event completed a clean-sweep by the country of all the 2006 men's and women's medals.


Brazilian podium sweep (left to right) with Adriana, Shelda, Juliana, Larissa, Ana Paula and Leila




Year - Stavanger Gold Medal / Stavanger Silver Medal / Stavanger Bronze Medal

2002 - Holly McPeak/Elaine Youngs, USA / Natalie Cook/Kerri Pottharst, Australia / Adriana Behar/Shelda Bede, Brazil

2003 - Ana Paula Connelly/Sandra Pires, Brazil / Misty May/Kerri Walsh, USA / Adriana/Shelda, Brazil

2004 - McPeak/Youngs, United States / Annett Davis/Jenny Johnson Jordan, USA / Walsh/Rachel Wacholder, USA

2005 - Vasso Karadassiou/ Vassiliki Arvaniti, Greece / Juliana Felisberta Silva/Larissa Franca, Brazil / Tian Jia/Wang Fei, China

2006 - Juliana Felisberta Silva/Larissa Franca, Brazil / Adriana Behar/Shelda Bede, Brazil / Ana Paula Connelly/Leila Barros, Brazil