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  Gstaad  2006   Women's Grand Slam
21.06.2006 -  24.06.2006




Gstaad goes Grand Slam!

GSTAAD 2006 - Much to the surprise of many cynics and pleasure of Beach Volleyball fans, the summer slopes of Gstaad in the Swiss Alps will host a SWATCH-FIVB World Tour event for the seventh-straight year.  The 2006 Gstaad stop will be the first of four “Grand Slam” events on the 2006 SWATCH-FIVB World Tour.  Thousands of fans are expected to turn out to cheer on the top men’s women’s players at the 1to1 Energy Open.  When the summer months arrive to Gstaad, scenes of endless blue skies, beautiful flowering meadows and strong sunshine are expected in a region where they say there are more cows than people!  There is a friendly atmosphere among the mountain folk where Beach Volleyball fans are treated to fine restaurants, bars and shops.  The central village of Gstaad is a traffic free zone.

Women - The seventh Gstaad stop will feature grand slam competition for the first-time.  Teams from Brazil (nine medals) and the United States (seven) have dominated the Gstaad competition with only teams from Australia and China gaining the other podium spots in the Alps.  China’s Tian Jia and Wang Fei earned a gold medal berth in 2005 before losing to Juliana Felisberta Silva and Larissa Franca of Brazil in the finals.  Shelda Bede and Adriana Behar of Brazil have medalled at each Gstaad stop with $114,000 in earnings.  Simone Kuhn has posted the host country’s best Gstaad finishes with ninths in 2002 and 2003 with Nicole Schnyder, and 2005 with Lea Schwer.


2005 Gstaad podium (left to right) Wang Fei, Tian Jia, Larissa, Juliana, Shelda and Adriana




Year - Gstaad Gold Medal / Gstaad Silver Medal / Gstaad Bronze Medal

2000 - Shelda Bede/Adriana Behar, Brazil / Misty May-Treanor/Holly McPeak, USA / Ana Paula Connelly/Monica Rodrigues, Brazil

2001 - Shelda/Adriana, Brazil / Barbra Fontana/Elaine Youngs, USA / May-Treanor/Kerri Walsh, USA

2002 - May-Treanor/Walsh, USA / Shelda/Adriana, Brazil / Natalie Cook/Kerri Pottharst, Australia

2003 - May-Treanor/Walsh, USA / Ana Paula/Sandra Pires, Brazil / Shelda/Adriana, Brazil

2004 - May-Treanor/Walsh, USA / Shelda/Adriana, Brazil / McPeak/Youngs, USA

2005 - Juliana Felisberta Silva/Larissa Franca, Brazil / Tian Jia/Wang Fei, China / Shelda/Adriana, Brazil



Men - Five different teams from four different countries have won titles in the Swiss Alps as Gstaad becomes a grand slam event for 2006.  The 2004 Gstaad men’s SWATCH-FIVB World Tour final featured the first All-European gold medal match since 1994 as Athens Olympic Bronze medallists Patrick Heuscher and Stefan Kobel delighted the home crowd by defeating Markus Dieckmann and Jonas Reckermann of Germany in the title match.



2005 Gstaad podium (left to right) Benjamin, Harley, Emanuel, Fabio and Marcio Araujo




Year - Gstaad Gold Medal / Gstaad Silver Medal / Gstaad Bronze Medal

2001 - Stein Metzger/Kevin Wong, USA / Martin Laciga/Paul Laciga, Switzerland / Emanuel Rego/Tande Ramos, Brazil
2002 - Martin Conde/Mariano Baracetti, Argentina / Marcio Araujo/Benjamin Insfran, Brazil / Stein Metzger/Kevin Wong, USA
2003 - Marcio Araujo/Benjamin, Brazil / Markus Dieckmann/Jonas Reckermann, Germany / Stefan Kobel/Patrick Heuscher, Swtizerland
2004 - Heuscher/Kobel, Switzerland / M. Dieckmann/Reckermann, Germany / Emanuel/Ricardo, Brazil
2005 - Emanuel/Ricardo, Brazil / Benjamin/Harley Marques, Brazil / Marcio Araujo/Fabio Magalhaes, Brazil