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  Acapulco  2006   Women's Open
26.10.2006 -  29.10.2006




Beach Volleyball on the Mexican Riviera

ACAPULCO 2006 - Affectionately called the Queen of the Mexican Riviera, Acapulco hosts the SWATCH-FIVB World Tour for the second-straight season after staging a Sydney Olympic qualifying event in 1999.  Located in the Mexican state of Guerrero, about 230 miles south of Mexico City on Mexico's southwest Pacific Coast, the city is bordered by the spectacular Acapulco Bay to the west, and by the majestic Sierra Madre mountains to the east.  The town has a population of about 1.5 million residents.  Acapulco is one of Mexico's top vacation destinations, attracting some 3.5 million visitors annually.  Famous for its stunning beaches, with their satiny, fine, white and golden sands - dotted with tall, majestic palm trees, Acapulco features nearly 20 miles of beaches.  La Condesa beach, located in the center of the Zona Dorada (Golden Zone), between the El Presidente and Continental Plaza hotels, is perhaps the most popular beach in Acapulco.


Women - The 2005 Acapulco finale set records as Brazilians Juliana Felisberta Silva and Larissa Franca out-lasted Olympic and World Champions Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh 28-26, 40-42 and 15-13 in the 100-minute gold medal match. The soft golden sand of Tamarindos Beach with its blue-colored warm waves and swaying palm trees also hosted one of the first qualifying events for the 2000 Olympic games where Adriana Behar and Shelda Bede topped the 1999 podium as the Brazilians bettered Sydney gold medallists Kerri Pottharst and Natalie Cook for the title.  However, the Aussies were playing with different partners in 1999 where Pottharst teamed with Pauline Manser and Cook with Angela Clarkie.  Mayra Garcia and Hilda Gaxiola were Mexicoís top finishers in 2005 with a ninth.


2005 Acapulco podium (left to right) - Walsh, May-Treanor, Larissa, Juliana, Wacholder and Youngs



Year - Acapulco Gold Medal / Acapulco Silver Medal / Acapulco Bronze Medal

1999 - Shelda Bede/Adriana Behar, Brazil / Pauline Manser/Kerri Pottharst, Australia / Angela Clarke/Natalie Cook, Australia

2005 - Juliana Felisberta Silva/Larissa Franca, Brazil / Misty May-Treanor/Kerri Walsh, USA / Rachel Wacholder/Elaine Youngs, USA




Total Medals - USA 4, Brazil 3, Australia 2


Site Year Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal
Acapulco 1999 Shelda Bede/Adriana Behar, BRA Pauline Manser/Kerri Pottharst, AUS Angela Clark/Natalie Cook, AUS
Rosarito 2000 Shelda/Adriana, BRA Misty May-Treanor/Holly McPeak, USA Annett Davis/Jenny Johnson Jordan, USA
Acapulco 2005 Juliana F. Silva/Larissa Franca, BRA May-Treanor/Kerri Walsh, USA Rachel Wacholder/Elaine Youngs, USA
Totals   Brazil 3 Golds USA 2 Silvers, Australia 1 USA 2 Bronzes, Australia 1


Men - Brazilians captured all three podium spots as the SWATCH-FIVB World Tour event returned to Mexico for the first-time since 2000.  In addition to Acapulco, Mexico hosted an international stop in 2000 in Rosarito Beach with the United Statesí Dax Holdren and Todd Rogers capturing the gold.  Juan Rodriguez Ibarra and Joel Sotelo finished seventh in the 1999 event for Mexicoís best-ever placement on the SWATCH-FIVB World Tour.





2005 Men's Mexico podium (left to right) - Franco, Pedro, Ricardo, Emanuel, Benjamin and Harley



Year - Acapulco Gold Medal / Acapulco Silver Medal / Acapulco Bronze Medal

1999 - Bill Boullianne/Ian Clark, USA / Para Ferreira/Guilherme Marques, Brazil / Ze Marco deMelo/Ricardo Santos, Brazil

2005 - Emanuel Rego/Ricardo, Brazil / Pedro Cunha/Franco Neto, Brazil / Benjamin Insfran/Harley Marques, Brazil




Total Medals - Brazil 6, USA 3


Site Year Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal
Acapulco 1999 Bill Bouillianne/Ian Clark, USA Guilherme Marques/Para Ferreira, BRA Ze Marco de Melo/Ricardo Santos, BRA
Rosarito 2000 Dax Holdren/Todd Rogers, USA Rob Heidger/Kevin Wong, USA Marcio Araujo/Benjamin Insfran, BRA
Acapulco 2005 Emanuel Rego/Ricardo, BRA Pedro Cunha/Franco Neto, BRA Benjamin/Harley Marques, BRA
Totals   USA 2 Golds, Brazil 1 Brazil 2 Silvers, USA 1 Brazil 3 Bronzes