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  Saint Petersburg  2006   Men's Open
20.07.2006 -  23.07.2006




Will Brazil dominate once again in Russia?

ST. PETERSBURG 2006 – Will Brazil dominate the Gulf of Finland action aqain as the the SWATCH-FIVB World Tour returns to St. Petersburg for the second-straight year?  Brazil captured all six medals and all eight “final four” finishes at the 2005 St. Petersburg stop.  St. Petersburg was the site of the country’s first major international Beach Volleyball event as the city on the Gulf of Finland hosted the 1994 Goodwill Games competition for both men and women.  A city of haunting magnificence, St. Petersburg is an imperial capital that seems to have been built as a monument to its own passing.  Less than three centuries have passed since Peter the Great began building the grand city, but it is difficult to visit its vast, crystalline squares and palaces without feeling the enormity of the gulf that separates that time from our own.  All of which, of course, makes St. Petersburg more evocative of Russia's past than any place except perhaps the Moscow Kremlin. This impression is only deepened by a more familiar acquaintance. The enigmatic homeliness of Peter's cottage and the city's placid canals may contrast with the brooding grandeur of the Winter Palace, but they share with it a graceful stillness that is difficult to forget.



Men - The Russian Volleyball Federation continues to develop Beach Volleyball as the SWATCH-FIVB World Tour returns to St. Petersburg, the site of the first Goodwill Games in 1994.  Emanuel Rego and Ricardo Santos captured a three-set gold medal match from reigning SWATCH-FIVB World Champions Marcio Araujo and Fabio Magelhaes in the 2005 finale as Brazil captured all three podium spots.  Brazilians Guilherme Marques and Para Ferreira won the first Moscow gold medal in 1998 by defeating Martin Conde and Eduardo Martinez of Argentina in the finals.  Portugal’s Joao Brenha and Luis Maia captured the 1999 Moscow stop by beating Zé Marco de Melo and Ricardo Santos of Brazil in the finals.  Dmitry Karasev and Mikhail Kouchnerev posted Russia's best SWATCH placement with a 1998 ninth.  Gennady Cheremisov and Rushan Dayanov were seventh in the eighth-team Goodwill Games field.

The Brazilian St. Petersburg 2005 Podium (left to right) - Marcio, Fßbio, Ricardo, Emanuel, Franco & Tande



Year - St. Petersburg Gold Medal / St. Petersburg Silver Medal / St. Petersburg Bronze Medal

1994 - Jan Kvalheim/Bjorn Maaseide, Norway / Carlos Briceno/Jeff Williams, USA / Bruk Vandeweghe/Sinjin Smith, USA
2005 - Emanuel Rego/Ricardo Santos, Brazil / Marcio Araujo/Fabio Magelhaes, Brazil / Franco Neto/Tande Ramos, Brazil




Total Medals - Brazil 6, USA 2, Argentina 1, Germany 1, Norway 1, Portugal 1




Gold Medal

Silver Medal

Bronze Medal

St. Petersburg


Jan Kvalheim/Bjorn Maaseide, NOR

Carlos Bricento/Jeff Williams, USA

Bruk Vandeweghe/Sinjin Smith, USA



Guilherme Marques/Para Ferreira, BRA

Martin Conde/Eduardo Martinez, ARG

Jorg Ahmann/Axel Hager, GER



Joao Brenha/Luis Maia, POR

Ze Marco de Melo/Ricardo Santos, BRA

Emanuel Rego/Jose Loiola, BRA

St. Peterburg


Emanuel/Ricardo, BRA

Marcio Araujo/Fabio Magelhaes, BRA

Franco Neto/Tande Ramos, BRA



Brazil 2 Golds, Norway 1, Portugal 1

Brazil 2 Silvers, Argentina 1, USA 1

Brazil 2 Bronzes, Germany 1, USA 1



Women - With a combined age of 90, the 2005 women’s St. Petersburg gold medal match featured the “youngest” final in SWATCH-FIVB World Tour history as Juliana Feilsberta Silva (22) and Larissa Franca (23) defeated Renata Riberio (23) and Talita Antunes (22) for the title.  St. Petersburg also hosted the 1994 Goodwill Games in St. Petersburg.  It was the first of three Goodwill Games appearances for beach volleyball with other events in New York (1998) and Brisbane, Australia (2001).  Natalya Belousova and Mariya Kopylova posted a seventh at the 1994 Goodwill Games for Russa, who had three women’s teams placed 25th in the 2005 St. Petersburg event..



St. Petersburg 2005 podium (left to right) - Talita, Renata, Juliana, Larissa, Leila & Ana Paula



Year - St. Petersburg Gold Medal / St. Petersburg Silver Medal / St. Petersburg Bronze Medal

1994 - Karolyn Kirby/Liz Masakayan, USA / Adriana Samuel/Monica Rodrigues, Brazil / Barbra Fontana/Lori Forsythe

2005 - Juliana Felisberta Silva/Larissa Franca, Brazil / Renata Riberio/Talita Antunes, Brazil / Leila Barros/Ana Paula Connelly, Brazil