Cape Town welcomes its third-straight men's event

CAPE TOWN 2006 - For the third-straight season, the men's SWATCH-FIVB World Tour returns to Cape Town as Camps Bay hosts the next-to-last stop on the 2006 schedule.  The men’s international tour will be making its fourth visit to Cape Town and fifth overall to South Africa.  Cape Town is arguably one of the most beautiful places in South Africa with Table Mountain, the view from Cape Point, the magical mild weather and the Cape Peninsula National Park, a patchwork of mountains, forests and coastline all combining to make for an awe inspiring setting.  The legislative center of South Africa, Cape Town is renowned for its forceful "Cape Doctor" that appears sometimes from nowhere.  While the traditional wind, which whips in from the south-east, will add to the mystic of the place, it will of course also play a crucial role in the Beach Volleyball action.  Cape Town also boasts some fascinating historical sites, excellent museums and vibrant markets.  Its climate is perfect for producing the world renowned Stellenbosch white wine.


Men - The men's SWATCH-FIVB World Tour stages its fifth event in South Africa as Cape Town hosts an international stop for the fourth-time.  Durban hosted a men's event in 1996 where Brazilians Guilherme Marques and Para Ferreira captured the title by defeating Atlanta 1996 Olympic Silver Medallists Mike Dodd and Mike Whitmarsh of the United States in the finals.  Brazilian tandems have won all four men's gold medals at South African SWATCH-FIVB World Tour stops along with a silver and two bronzes.  The United States has claimed silver and bronze medals with Argentina, Switzerland and Canada collecting the other podium placements.  Sean Hayes and Jason Smith placed 13th in the 1995 Cape Town event for South Africa’s best finish.


2005 pre-podium ceremonies (left to right), Fabio, Marcio Araujo, Laciga, Egger, Gibb, Metzger and South African support staff



Year - Cape Town Gold Medal / Cape Town Silver Medal / Cape Town Bronze Medal

1995 - Emanuel Rego/Zé Marco de Melo, Brazil / Martin Conde/Eduardo Martinez, Argentina / John Child/Mark Heese, Canada

2004 - Franco Neto/Tande Ramos, Brazil / Emanuel Rego/Ricardo Santos, Brazil / Benjamin Insfran/Harley Marques, Brazil

2005 - Marico Araujo/Fabio Magalhaes, Brazil / Markus Egger/Martin Laciga, Switzerland / Jake Gibb/Stein Metzger, United States


Year - Durban Gold Medal / Durban Silver Medal / Durban  Bronze Medal

1996 - Guilherme Marques/Para Ferreira, Brazil / Mike Dodd/Mike Whitmarsh, United States / Emanuel Rego/Zé Marco de Melo, Brazil