Osaka  2005   Women's Open
25.05.2005 -  29.05.2005

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The Brazilian Podium (left to right) - Juliana, Larissa, Ana Paula, Shaylyn, Shelda and Adriana

Brazilians (left to right) - Juliana, Larissa, Ana Paula, Shaylyn, Shelda and Adriana

Ana Paula Connelly (ceter) of Brazil with Shaylyn at post-evet interview

SWATCH MVP Ana Paula Connelly of Brazil

The Brazilian Bedes - Shaylyn (left) and Shelda

A proud Shelda Bede (right) of Brazil with gold medal sister Shaylyn

Gold Medallists - Ana Paula Connelly (left) ad Shaylyn Bede of Brazil

Silver medals for Juliana Felisberta Silva (left) and Larissa Franca of Brazil

Bronze medals for Shelda Bede (left) and Adriana Behar of Brazil

Congratulations from Shelda Bede (right) to sister Shaylyn of Brazil

Tannowa Beach stadium for gold medal match

Ana Paula Connelly (left) hugs Shaylyn Bede after Brazilian win

Shaylyn Bede of Brazil

Brazilian bits from Ana Paula Connelly (right) and Shaylyn Bede

Hey Shaylyn, get over here for the interviews, Ana Paula yells

We Win - Ana Paula Connelly (#1) lifts Shaylyn Bede of Brazil

Brazilian winners Shaylyn Bede (left) and Ana Paula Connelly

Ana Paula Connelly of Brazil

Brazilian Shaylyn Bede (right) bumps the Mikasa

Deciding set coin toss with Juliana (left), FIVB Referee - Catriona Tweedie of Australia and Ana Paula

Brazil's Shaylyn Bede

Juliana Felisberta Silva of Brazil

Brazilian Fans in Osaka

Adriana Behar in a post-match interview

Brazil's Shelda Bede

Simone Kuhn (top) and Lea Schwer of Switzerland

Lea Schwer of Switzerland 122,WOSK2005.122.jpg,

Shelda Bede of Brazil

Brazil's Larissa Franca (left) with the Mikasa

Juliana Felisberta Silva of Brazil

Shelda Bede of Brazil

Brazilians Larissa Franca (left) and Juliana Felisberta Silva

Adriana Behar of Brazil

Shelda Bede of Brazil

Brazil's Ana Paula Connelly sets the Mikasa

Shaylyn Bede of Brazil

Ana Paula Connelly (left) and Shaylyn Bede of Brazil

Tian Jia of China

Brazil's Larissa Franca

Juliana Felisberta Silva of Brazil

Brazi's Juliana Felisberta Silva

Larissa Franca (left) of Brazil with Juliana Felisberta Silva

Switzerland's Lea Schwer

Simone Kuhn of Switzerland eyes the Mikasa

Switzerland's Simone Kuhn

Lea Schwer of Switzerland

Lea Schwer stretches for the Mikasa

Kathrine Maaseide of Norway celebrates a point

Kristine Wiig of Norway

Tian Jia of China

China's Tian Jia dives for the Mikasa

Norway's Kristine Wiig

Tian Jia of China

Tian Jia of China

Japan Open Tournament Director Tadakazu Obika (right) receives a SWATCH from Nadia Walti (center) and Kazu Tsunoda (left) of SWATCH

SWATCH Japan Marketing Manager Kazu Tsunoda (left) thanks Tannowa Beach volunteers

Lina Yanchulova of Bulgaria

Petia Yanchulova of Bulgaria

Kristine Wiig (left) of Norway at the net with Lina Yanchulova of Bulgaria

Fans support Japanese teams

Greece's Vasso Karadassiou (left) blocks agaist Satoko Urata

Dig for the Mikasa is Nila An Hakadal of Norway

Nila Ann Hakadal of Norway

Greece's Vasso Karadassiou

Chiaki Kusuhara of Japan

Kristie Wiig (right) digs for the Mikasa

Norway's Kathrine Maaseide (right) hugs Kristine Wiig

Post-match interview for Kusuhara (left) ad Urata

Press interviews for Japan's Chiaki Kusuhara (left) and Satoko Urata

Photographers covering Japan Open

SWATCH-TV Coordination

Norway's Ingrid Torlen

Satoko Urata of Japan

Norway's Nila Ann Hakedal (left)

Norway's Ingrid Torlen

Tian Jia of China

Juliana Felisberta Silva (left) of Brazil hits against Simone Kuhn of Switzerland

Shelda Bede of Brazil

Switzerland's Lea Schwer

Kristine Wiig (center) of Norway hits against Hilda Gaxiola of Mexico

Laura Bruschini (left) of Italy against Nila Ann Hakedal of Norway

Norway's Kathrine Maaseide (left) and Kristine Wiig

Italy's Diletta Lunardi

Mayra Garcia (left) and Hilda Gaxiola of Mexico

Hilda Gaxiola of Mexico

Diletta Lunardi (right) of Italy

Wang Fei (left) of China eyes the Mikasa as Brazilians Shelda Bede (center) and Adriana Behar watch

Adriana Behar (right) of Brazil receives

China's Wang Fei diving for the Mikasa against Brazil

Netherland's Rebekka Kadijk

Wang Fei (left) of China hits agaist Satoko Urata of Japan

Japan 2000 Olympian Mika Teru Saiki (right)

Ryo Tokuno of Japan

China's Tian Jia

Chiaki Kusuhara (right) of Japan blocks against Tian Jia of China

Japan's Chiaki Kusuhara

Simone Kuhn (right) of Switzerland blocks against Kristine Wiig of Norway

Kylie Gerlic of Australia with the Mikasa

Zhang Xi (left) of China

Yanchulovas of Bulgaria - Petia (left) and Lina

Japan's Satoko Urata

Satoko Urata of Japan

Brazil's Shelda Bede

Shelda Bede (left) of Brazil & Laura Brushini of Italy after a match

Brazil's Shaylyn Bede

Annie Martin (right) of Canada

Chiaki Kusuhara (left) of Japan

Switzerland's Lea Schwer (right)

Rebekka Kadijk of the Netherlands

China's Xiaoyan Hu (right) on Tannowa Beach

Japanese fans watching the SWATCH-FIVB World Tour's Japan Open

Laura Bruschini of Italy

Shelda Bede (left) of Brazil digs the Mikasa

Adriana Behar (middle No. 1) from Brazil hits against Italy

Greece's Maria Tsiartsiani dives for the Mikasa

France's Tatiana Barrera

Rieke Brink-Abeler of Germany

Nadia Campisi of Spain chases the ball

Clara Lozano (right) of Spain goes for the Mikasa

Mexico's Teresa Galindo

Hella Jurich of Germany

Thailand's Kamoltip Kulna

Zhengqing Ren (right) of China

Brazil's Talita Autnes Rocha (right) of Brazil

Karin Lundquist (left) of Sweden hits against Stefanie Schwaiger of Austria

Usa Tenpaksee of Thailand

Xiaoyan Hu (middle) of China knuckles at the net

Thailand's Kamoltip Kulna (left) and Usa Tenpaksee

Action on Tannowa Beach

FIVB Referee Delegate Jose Casanova discusses a point with Karin Trussel of Switzerland

Talita Autnes Rocha of Brazil (at the net) blocks against Germany

Hella Jurich (left) blocks against Talita Autnes Rocha of Brazil

Miho Makabe of Japan serving

Japan's Miho Makabe (left) and Sachie Oguri

Wen Feng Lu of China

Sara Pothaar (diving) of Canada) 7,WOSK2005.07.jpg,

Japan's Sachie Oguri (left) and Miho Makabe

Sarah Hogarth of Canada serves the Mikasa

Radmila Beresneva (diving) of Kazakhstan

Canada's Natalie Lukiw (right) bump sets

Brazil's Adriana Behar (left) and Coach Carlos Loss at check-in desk

Italian players check into Osaka hotel

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