Bali  2005   Women's Open
14.09.2005 -  18.09.2005

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Photo gallery

Maria Tsiartsiani/Efthalia Koutroumanidou, two happy bronze medallists from Greece

The FIVB vice-president and Indonesian national federation president Rita Subowo gives Adriana Behar (right) and Shelda Bede their silver medals

The 2005 SWATCH-FiVB Indonesian Women's Open winners Talita Antunes/Renata Ribeiro (BRA)

The podium: in gold Talita/Renata, in silver Shelda/Adriana, in bronze Maria Tsiartsiani/Efthalia Koutroumanidou

The Sanur venue welcomed an enthusiastic crowd for the finals

Shelda Bede needs some freshness during a very hot final

Great block my Leila Barros (right) in front of the Greek Maria Tsiatsiani (left) and Efthalia Koutroumanidou

Renata Ribeiro and Talita Antunes celebrate their gold medal victory

Talita Antunes blocks a dig from Shelda Bede in the final

And for the final, this supporter cheered for both teams!

A Balinese supporter shows how much he loves Ana Paula Connelly and Leila Barros

Brazil's Talita Antunes raises the ball against Ana Paula Connelly

Every point is a celebration for Brazilians Shelda Bede (left) and Adriana Behar

Shelda Bede of Brazil celebrates her qualification for the final

This supporter has picked the Brazilians Renata Ribeiro/Talita Antunes as his favourites

An Indonesian referee checks the duration of the technical time out

Maria Tsiartsiani /Greece) digs in front of her teammate Efthalia Koutroumanidou 50,WBAL2005.53.jpg,

Renata Ribeiro from Grazil dives in the balinese sand

A spectacular dive by Brazil's Ana Paula Connelly

Jennifer Kessy (USA) caught that ball!

Greece's Maria Tsiartsiani blocks a spike from USA's Nancy Mason

Greece's Maria Tsiartsiani digs in front of her partner Efthalia Koutroumanidou

Brazil's Leila Barros and Netherlands' Marrit Leenstra fight for the ball

Leila Barros (BRA) misses the ball in her quarter final against Saane Keizer and Marrit Leenstra (NED) 42,WBAL2005.45.jpg,

USA's Jennifer Kessy celebrates her quarter-final victory

Switzerland's Simone Kuhn fails to catch the ball in front of partner Lea Schwer

Merel Mooren scores past Marrit Leenstra, also from the Netherlands

Netherland's Saane Keizer fails to block a ball his by Merel Mooren in the all dutch quarter-final

Jennifer Kessy and Nancy Mason of USA celebrating a scored point

Australia's Summer Lochowicz faces the Dutch pair Marrit Leenstra (long hair)/Sanne Keizer

Japan's Chiaki Kusuhara checks the schedule and her freshly painted nails

Australia's Summer Lochowicz (lelft) and Tamsin Barnett celebrate a victory

Adriana Behar applies lotion to partner Shelda Bede to protect her from the balinese sun

Greece's Efthalia Koutroumanidou spikes in front of her partner Maria Tsiartsiani against Brazil's Talita Antunes

Switzerland's Lea Schwer bites her lip while catching a tough ball

Brazil's Shelda Bede seems unhappy after a missed point

Leila Barros digs while her brazilian partner Ana Paula Connelly gets up

Adriana Behar faces Leila Barros in Friday's all brazilian match

A beautiful dig by Brazil's Adriana Behar

Australia's Natalie Cook faces Netherland's Merel Mooren

Austria's Christine Gschweidl spikes past Simone Kuhn (Switzerland)

Swedish pair Sara Uddstahl (with the ball)/Karin Lundquist in action

German supporters on center court

Switzerland's Simone Kuhn blocks Austria's Christina Gschweidl's spike

Russia's Natalya Uryadova celebrates after her victory

The dutch pair Merel Mooren (with the ball) and Rebekka Kadijk in action

Canada's Sarah Maxwell refreshes her teammate Marie-Andree Lessard

Lucilla Perrotta of Italy blocks Ethel-Julie Arjona from France

Maria Tsiartsiani of Greece digs in front of her teammate Efthalia Koutroumanidou

Ana Paula (left) congratulates teammate Leila Baros

Good catch from Renata Ribeiro of Brazil

Australia's Natalie Cook serving

Leila Baros from Brazil digs as Ana Paula gets ready to spike

Australia's Summer Lochowicz digs in spite of her hurt wrist, behimd is partner Tamsin Barnett

Adriana Behar passes the ball to brazilian partner Shelda Bede

Simone Kuhn (left) from Switzerland digs the ball in front of her partner Lea Schwer

Brazil's Maria Salgado encourages her sister Carolina Salgado

France's Kevienne Etienne refreshes after a hot game

The Indonesian pair Timy Yudhani Rahayu (left)/Devota Rahawarin as they win against Norway's Ingrid Torlen on Thursday

The cameraman aiming at a grest shot of the Indonesian pair Ike Prasetya (left)/Lim Mika-dimah

Indonesia's Ike Prasetya in a spectacular dig

A Balinese photographer hard at work

Netherland's Marrit Leenstra digs a ball while her partner Sanne Keizer stays concentrated

The Austrian pair Sabine Swoboda (left)/Sara Montagnolli defending a tough ball

Yupa Puklongploy from Thailand spikes against the top seeded pair from Brazil Renata Ribeiro (left)/Talita Antunes during the first game of the Main Draw tournament

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