Saint Petersburg  2005   Men's Open
06.07.2005 -  10.07.2005

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Photo gallery

Post-match press conference for Emanuel Rego (left) ad Ricardo Santos

Brazil's Ricardo Santos with Russian fans

Beach Volleyball Ballons at Peter-and-Paul Fortress

SWATCH MVP Emanuel (right) with Ricardo

The Brazilian Podium (left to right) - Marcio, Fßbio, Ricardo, Emanuel, Franco & Tande

Queen's of the Castle lead the medal ceremony

Flags over Peter-and-Paul Fortress centre court

Fßbio MagalhÒes (right) hits past Emanuel Rego

A tired Brazilian - Fßbio MagalhÒes

Mikasa Ricardo Santos?

Brazilian Ricardo Santos

Brazilian Block by Fßbio

Emanuel Rego of Brazil

Fßbio MagalhÒes of Brazil

Emanuel Rego (right) and Fßbio MagalhÒes of Brazil

Franco Neto of Brazil

Brazil's Harley Marques

FIVB Technical Supervisor Peter Hreszczuk of Australia (center) prepares to first the Peter-and-Paul Fortress canon as FIVB Beach Volleyball Director Angelo Squeo watches

Artillery commanders with Angelo Squeo (yellow shirt) and Peter Hreszczuk

FIVB Technical Supervisor Peter Hreszczuk of Australia (center) prepares to first the Peter-and-Paul Fortress canon

Angelo Squeo (center), FIVB Beach Volleyball Director, examines the artillery as Peter Hreszczuk (right) looks on

FIVB Beach Volleyball Director Angelo Squeo with a Russian artillery commander in front of the bellow tower at the Peter-and-Paul Fortress

Valentina Matvienko (center), the governor of St. Petersburg, receives a gift for playing in Beach Volleyball exhibtion

Miskasa and St. Petersburg governor Valentina Matvienko

Valentina Matvienko, the governor of St. Petersburg, serves the Mikasa

Fßbio MagalhÒes bumps the Mikasa as Benjamin Insfran watches

Marcio Araujo (right) hits over Benjamin Insfran

Benjamin Insfran of Brazil

Brazilian Harley Marques

Harley Marques chases the Mikasa

Crowd favorite Harley Marques of Brazil

Marcio Araujo of Brazil

Brazil's Marcio Araujo

Marcio Araujo (right) hits against former Olympic partner Benjamin Insfran

Left-handed attempt for Franco Neto (left) of Brazil

Brazil's Ricardo Santos

Two fingers in the air for Franco Neto (left) against Ricardo Santos

Olympian Ricardo Santos (left) blocks against Franco Neto in Brazil semi-final

Emanuel Rego (left) against Franco Neto

Tande Ramos (right) of Brazilian hits with St. Isaac's Cathedral overseeing the action

Brazilian centre court action

Franco Neto (right) and Tande Ramos of Brazil with the Mikasa between them

Tande Ramos of Brazil

Germany's Kjell Schneider

More St. Isaac's Cathedral in the background

Brazilian players with St. Isaac's Cathedral in the background

German players with St. Isaac's Cathedral in the background

Kjell Schneider of Germany

Germany's Kjell Schneider

Argentina's Jose Salema

Jose Salema of Argentina

Brazil's Harley Marques goes for the Mikasa

Franco Neto of Brazil

Mikasa and Francisco Alvarez

A bump set by Cuba's Francisco Alvarez

Cuba's Oney Ramirez Bernal

Oney Ramirez Bernal (left) of Cuba blocks against Tande Ramos of Brazil

Cuba's Francisco Alvarez with the set

Brazil's Franco Neto (left) against Cuba

FIVB Physio Periklis Charpantidis of Greece tends to Switzerland's Patrick Heuscher

Olympic champion Emanuel Rego of Brazil

Stefan Kobel of Switzerland

A view from centre court at the Hermitage and St. Isaac's Cathedral

Brazil's Marcio Araujo

Emiel Boersma of the Netherlands

Dutch reception by Richard Kogel

Netherlands Emiel Boersma

Richard Kogel of the Netherlands

Japan's Satoshi Watanabe

Satoshi Watanabe of Japan

Kentaro Asahi of Japan

Japan's Ketaro Asahi

Satoshi Watanabe (right) of Japan with parter Kentaro Asahi

Pedro Cunha of Brazil

Brazilians discussion with Pedro Cunha (left) and Luiz Dulinski

Pavel Zaitsev of Russia

Brazil's Pedro Cunha

Pedro Cunha of Brazil

Russians Dmitri Barsouk (left) and Roman Arkaev

Roman Arkaev (left) of Russia discusses the play

Dmitri Barsouk of Russia

SWATCH fan in the Peter-and-Paul Fortress grandstands

Russia's Dmitri Barsouk

Dmitri Barsouk (right) of Russia hits against Cuba's Oey Ramirez Bernal

Cuba's Francisco Alvarez

Russia's Roman Arkaev

Dmitri Barsouk of Russia

Anton Kulikovsky of Russia

Russia's Anton Kulikovsky

Mikhail Kochnerev of Russia

Fßbio MagalhÒes of Brazil

Celebrating Brazilian Luiz Dulinski

Mikasa and Eric Koreng of Germany

Germany's Eric Koreng (right) and Luiz Dulinski of Brazil

Luiz Dulinski of Brazil

Brazilian Pedro Cunha

David Klemperer of Germany

Peter-and-Paul Fortress canon, shot every day 12:00

Brazil's Luiz Dulinski prepares for the Peter-and-Paul Fortress canon

Russian Dmitry Karasev

Pavel Zaitsev of Russia

That's the one for roman Arkaev of Russia

Russia's Dmitri Barsouk

Russia Reception by Dmitri Barsouk (left) and Roman Arkaev

Dmitri Barsouk of Russia

A diving Roman Arkaev of Russia

Russia's Roman Arkaev

Mikhail Tarakanov of Russia

Russia's Alexei Polnitski

Alexei Polnitski of Russia

Kirk Pitman (center) of New Zealand watches Shinpei Aoki and Shinya Hata of Japan

New Zealand vs. Japan in front of the Peter-and-Paul Fortress spire

Japan's Shinpei Aoki

New Zealand's Kirk Pitman (right) hits past Shinpei Aoki of Japan

Jason Lochhead of New Zealand

Leonid Kalinine (right) of Russia eyes the Mikasa

Emmanouil Xenakis of Greece

Pavel Karpukhin of Russia

Pavel Karpukhin (left) congratulates Russian partner Leonid Kalinine

Shinya Hata of Japan

Russia's Evgeny Nichipouk

Alexey Yurov of Russia

Japan's Shinya Hata

Russia's Pavel Zaitsev (left) sets agaist Adrei Zharykau of Belarus

Pavel Karpukhin (left) at the net against Bradley Smith of Australia

Leonid Kalinine (left) with Pavel Karpukhin

Bradley Smith of Australia

Russian Yaroslav Koshkarev

Alexey Yurov of Russia

Alexey Yurov of Russia

Alexey Yurov of Russia

Evgeny Nichiporuk of Russia

Russia's Evgeny Nichiporuk

Evgeny Nichiporuk of Russia

Russian reception by Yaroslav Koshkarev (left)

Russia's Alexey Yurov

Yaroslav Koshkarev of Russia

Alexey Yurov of Russia

Alexey Yurov of Russia

Serguei Prokopiev (#1) of Russia

Bell tower of Peter & Paul Cathedral, St. Petersburg's highest constructed point

Beach Volleyball action with the bell tower of Peter & Paul Cathedral

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