Stare Jablonki  2005   Men's Open
20.07.2005 -  24.07.2005

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Photo gallery

The presents with podium (left to right) - Reckermann, Dieckmann, Laciga, Egger, Emanuel & Ricardo

Ball retrievers salute Germany, Switzerland and Brazil flags

Laciga and Egger slap five with ball retrievers

Swiss fans in Poland

More Swiss Egger

Ball retrievers salute Swiss winners

Martin Laciaga hugs Swiss partner Markus Egger (#2)

Markus Egger of Switzerland

Jonas Reckermann (right) of Germany

Switzerland's Markus Egger

Mikasa reception by Markus Dieckmann (left)

Hello Mikasa says Markus Dieckmann of Germany

Germany's Markus Dieckmann (left) of Germany

Markus Egger (right) of Switzerland

Markus Dieckmann (left) with Mikasa reception

Swiss Markus Egger hits against Jonas Reckermann (right at net) of Germany

Markus Dieckmann (left) of Germany in the Hotel Anders sand

Swiss Egger

Markus Egger, Swiss winner

Ricardo Santos (facing camera) hugs Brazilian partner Emanuel Rego

Brazilians Emanuel (left) and Franco at the net

Olympic champion Emanuel Rego (right) against Tande Ramos

Franco Neto (#1) with a block against Emanuel Rego

Polish fans at Hotel Anders centre court

Emanuel Rego (right) of Brazil with the attack

Tee-shirts in the air

Hotel Anders promoter Andrzej Dowgiallo (center) watches the action

Polish Volleyball Federation President Miroslaw Przedelski (right) being interviewed prior to exhibition match

Brazilian bump set by Franco Neto (center) on the Hotel Anders court

Patrick Heuscher of Switzerland goes for the Mikasa

Mikasa reception by Frano Neto (right) of Brazil

Ricardo Santos (right) of Brazil agaisnt Joshua Slack of Australia

Tande Ramos of Brazil

Switzerland's Markus Egger

Christoph Dieckmann of Germany

Franco Neto of Brazil

Tande Ramos (right) with Brazilian partner Franco Neto

Markus Egger of Switzerland

Olympic champion Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Australia's Joshua Slack (right) makes room for Andrew Schacht

Andrew Schacht of Australia

Franco Neto (right) chases the Mikasa against Switzerland

Swiss reception for Paul Laciga (right) with Sascha Heyer

An excited Nikolas Berger (right) of Austria

Austria's Clemens Doppler (right) with Nikolas Berger

We are for you all

Polish fans enjoy the Hotel Anders action

Paul Laciga of Switzerland

Marcel Gscheidle (left) with Swiss partner Jan Schnider

Estonia's Kristjan Kais

Canadian Olympian Mark Heese

Swiss Olympian Patrick Heuscher

Aussie Olympian Joshua Slack (left)

Oney Ramirez Bernal of Cuba goes for the Mikasa as partner Francisco Alvarez watches

German Olympian Jonas Reckermann (right)

Brazil's Pedro Cunha

Thorsten Schoen (left) of Germany and Kirk Pitman of New Zealand

Palms up for the Aussies - Andrew Schacht (left) and Joshua Slack

Jonas Reckermann of German goes for the Mikasa

Austria's Nikolas Berger (right) receives a Mikasa serve

Nikolas Berger (left) and Clemens Doppler of Austria

Tande Ramos of Brazil

Canada's Richard Van Huizen (right) of Canada against Franco Neto of Brazil

Arvydas Miseikis (right) of Lithuania

Damian Lisiecki (right) of Poland

Pedro Cunha of Brazil

Netherlands' Gijs Ronnes (left)

Polish fans at the Hotel Anders centre court

Conrad Leinemann (left) of Canada goes for the Mikasa

Dominik Witczak (left) of Poland

Gijs Ronnes (left) of the Netherlands

Jason Lochhead of New Zealand

New Zealand's Jason Lochhead (right) against Thorsten Schoen of Germany

Brazil's Emanuel Rego (left) at the net with Rafal Matusiak of Poland

Poland's Rafal Matusiak (right) hits against Olympic gold medalist Emanuel Rego of Brazil

Switzerland's Stefan Kobel (left) receives the Mikasa

Dominik Witczak (left) of Poland

Swiss Olympic bronze medal winner Stefan Kobel

Gijs Ronnes (left) of the Netherlands

Raul Mesa (left) of Spain hits againjst Jochem De Gruijter of the Netherlands

Juan Rosell (right) of Cuba against Swiss Sascha Heyer

Switzerland's Sascha Heyer (left) with the reception as Paul Laciga moves

Cuba's Wilfredo Villar (right) goes for the Mikasa

Polish fans support their Beach Volleyball teams

Ricardo Santos (right) of Brazil bumps for Emanuel Rego

Canadian Olympian Mark Heese (right) goes for the Mikasa

Polish Hands In the Air

Nikolas Berger (left) of Austria against Tarjei Skarlund of Norway

Birthday boy Sascha Heyer (right) of Switzerland agaisnt Cuba's Wilfredo Villar

Olympic bronze medalists Patrick Heuscher (left) of Switzerland blocks against Grzegorz Klimek of Poland

Portugal's Pedro Rosas (left)

Pedro Rosas (left) of Portugal

Robert Svensson of Sweden

Mark Ellingson of Canada

Argentina's Pedro Depiaggio

Hugo Conte (right) of France with Adriana Caravano

France's Adrian Caravano (left)

Jason Lochhead of New Zealand

Ramon Hernandez (right) of Puerto Rico

Oleg Nikolaev (right) of Ukraine with partner Mykola Babich

Marcin Nowak of Poland at the net against Portugal

Leonid Kalinine (right) of Russia

Ahren Cadieux (right) of Canada with Mark Heese

Sweden's Hannes Brinkborg

Mattias Magnusson (left) of Sweden and Mikasa

Dariusz Parkitny of Poland

Poland's Marcin Nowak (#2 center) against Pedro Rosas (left) and Jose Pedrosa of Portugal

Pedro Cunha (right) of Brazil with partner Pedro Solberg Salgado

Germany's David Klemperer

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