Shanghai  2005   Men's Open
18.05.2005 -  22.05.2005

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Photo gallery

The Men's Podium - Emanuel, Ricardo, Dieckmann, Scheuerpflug and Laciga

German Interview with Andreas Scheuerpflug (left) and Christoph Dieckmann

Brazil's Ricardo Santos (right) signs an autograph

German Gold - Christoph Dieckmann (left) and Andreas Scheuerpflug

Brazilian Silver - Emanuel Rego (left) and Ricardo Santos

Swiss Bronze - Markus Egger (left) and Martin Laciga

Christoph Dieckmann (right) of Germany hits against Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Germany's Andreas Scheuerpflug (middle) avoids Brazilian block by Ricardo Santos

Harley Marques of Brazil checks his cell phone

Brazilian handshake for Benjamin Insfran (right) from Harley Marques

Martin Laciga (1) hugs Swiss partner Markus Egger

Happy Swiss fans with Markus Egger (2) and Martin Laciga

High-fiving Swiss (left to right) Markus Egger and Martin Laciga

Swiss flag among the crowd at the Shanghai Jinshan Beach Volleyball Venue

A yellow card for Martin Laciga by FIVB Referee Zhihao Liu of China

Swiss block by Martin Laciga (center) against Benjamin Insfran of Brazil

FIVB Referee Richard Casutt checks with a linesman

SWATCH's Susan Chen displays volunteer's watch

Susan Chen, the President of SWATCH Group China

Brazilians in Action - Harley Marques (right) hits against Ricardo Santos

Harley Marques (right) shoots past Emanuel Rego in All-Brazilian affair

Germany's Andreas Scheuerpflug (No. 1) against Martin Laciga of Switzerland

Swiss Markus Egger (right) hits off Christoph Dieckmann (No. 2) of Germany

Markus Egger (left) of Switzerland hits the Misaka

Canadians in action - Ahren Cadieux (right) and Mark Heese

Mark Heese (left) and Ahren Cadieux of Canada

Chinese fans in SWATCH booth

Swiss Markus Egger (left) hits against Marcus Dieckmann of Germany

Physio Periklis Charpantidis of Greece treats Raul Mesa of Spain

Swiss Success - Markus Egger (left) and Martin Laciga

Kjell Schneider (right) of Germany hits against Benjamin Insfran of Brazil

Benjamin Insfran of Brazil with FIVB Referee Richard Casuett watchig the action

Harley Marques (right) of Brazil hits against Germany's Kjell Schneider

Germany's Kjell Schneider chases the Mikasa

Brazil's Harley Marques (left) goes for the ball

Kjell Schneider (right) of Germany bumps to Julius Brink

Young Chinese fans salutes the action

SWATCH scoreboard operators

Spain's Pablo Herrera cheers a point

Olympic silver medallists Pablo Herrera at the net

FIVB referees prepare the SWATCH net

Raul Mesa (left) of Spain against Yu Xu of China

Pablo Herrera (left) of Spain hits against Yu Xu of China

The flags outside the Shanghai Jinshan Beach Volleyball Venue

STV on-site

Fans entering center court at the Shanghai Jinshan Beach Volleyball Venue

Olympic Bronze medallists - Stefan Kobel of Switzerland (left, 2004) and Mark Heese of Canada (1996) watch the action

Emanuel Rego (left) of Brazil blocks against Andrew Schacht of Australia

Aussies & the Mikasa - Andrew Schacht (left) and Joshua Slack

Brazilian Olympic gold medal winner Emanuel Rego (left) hits past Joshua Slack of Australia

Postal Service at the Shanghai Jinshan Beach Volleyball Venue

High-flying Yu Xu (center) of China

Yu Xu of China blocks against Russia's Dmitry Karasev

Chinese Coach Yi Gu does a TV interview

Bjorn Berg (right) of Sweden blocks against Argentina's Martin Conde

SWATCH-FIVB players follow the action

Terje Oevergaard of Norway (left) hits against Martin Laciga of Switzerland

Bard-Ige Pettersen of Norway (left) pops the Mikasa over Yu Xu of China

Dmitry Karasev of Russia (right) hits away agaist Joshua Slack of Australia

FIVB International Referee Richard Causett of New Zealand controls play

Iver Horrem of Norway (left) hits against Yu Xu of China

Young Chinese fan enjoys a drink while her father shots the action

No. 1 at the net - Li Hua (left) of China against Martin Suan of Australia

Fredrik Gustafson (left) of Sweden at the net against Dmitry Karasev

Mikasa ball at the Shanghai Jinshan Beach Volleyball Venue

Jialu Li (diving No. 2) of China against Australia

Dmitri Barsouk (yellow top, right) of Russia hits against Fredrik Gustafson (No. 1) of Sweden

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