Montreal  2005   Men's Open
24.08.2005 -  28.08.2005

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Photo gallery

Brazilian podium (left to right) - Marcio Araujo, Fabio, Benjamin, Harley, Emanuel and Ricardo

Presenters with podium placers Marcio Araujo, Fabio, Benjamin, Harley, Emanuel and Ricardo

Gold medal winners Harley Marques (left) and Benjamin Insfran of Brazil

Harley (left) and Benjamin

Silver medal winners Marcio Araujo and Fabio Magalhaes of Brazil

Bronze medal winners Emanuel Rego (left) and Ricardo Santos of Brazil

The Canada Open champions walk to meet the fans

Izabel and daughter watch Benjamin receive the gold medal

Benjamin (left) lifts partner Harley after gold medal win

Marcio Araujo ask for help

Harley Marques of Brazil

Marcio Araujo (right) of Brazil with Fabio Magalhaes

Brazil's Harley Marques (left) of Brazil receives as Benjamin Insfran watches

Emanuel Rego (left) and Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Franco Neto of Brazil

Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Montreal Beach Volleyball fans

Franco Neto of Brazil

Harley Marques of Brazil

Brazil's Harley Marques (left) against Pedro Cunha of Brazil

Marcio Araujo of Brazil

Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Brazil's Marcio Araujo

Brazilian Jaws of Fabio Magalhaes

Fabio Magalhaes of Brazil

John Child & Mark Heese's Canadian exhibition

Emanuel Rego of Brazil

Iver Horrem (left) of Norway hits against Joshua Slack of Australia

Joshua Slack of Australia

Canada's Mark Heese greets fans

Australia's Joshua Slack

New Zealand's Jason Lochhead

Kirk Pitman (left) of New Zealand against Australia's Andrew Schacht

Jason Lochhead (white cap) of New Zealand with partner Kirk Pitman

Richard Van Huzien of Canada

Silhouettes in the Sand

Sweden's Robert Svensson

Marcel Gscheidle (right) of Switzerland

Switzerland's Marcel Gscheidle (left)

Brazil's Franco Neto (left) against Norway's Bard-Inge Pettersen

Conrad Leinemann of Canada serves

Canada's Conrad Leinemann

Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Franco Neto (left) of Brazil

Andrew Schacht of Australia

Florian Gosch (right) hits against Canada's Ahren Cadieux

Pedro Depiaggio of Argentina

Austria's Florian Gosch (left) blocks against Ahren Cadieux of Canada

Ahren Cadieux (right) of Canada against Austria's Florian Gosch

Dmitriy Vorobvev of Kazakhstan

Marcio Araujo (right) of Brazil hits against Darren Goss

Harley Marques of Brazil

Canada's Conrad Leinemann

Olympian Mark Heese of Canada

Darren Goss (right) with Canadian partner Miguel Domingo

Passing the Mikasa

SWATCH scoring

In action

Canada's Brian Hiebert

Riccardo Fenili (left) of Italy

Mikasa in play

Italy's Matteo De Cecco

Checking the SWATCH

Franco Neto (left) of Brazil with Pedro Cunha

Jessi Lelliott of Canada

Eugenio Amore of Italy

Brett Richardson (left) of Australia signs a Mikasa

Adam Parkes of Canada

Christian Redmann of Canada

Jessi Lelliott of Canada

Matteo De Cecco of Italy

Wes Montgomery of Canada

Canadians Dig FIVB Beach Volleyball

Alexei Zavialov (left) of Russia against Dan Casey of Canada

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