Athens  2005   Men's Open
31.08.2005 -  04.09.2005

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Photo gallery

SWATCH podium (left to right) - Laciga, Egger, Ricardo, Emanuel, Benjamin and Harley

Fireworks for two-time Athens winners Ricardo (left) and Emanuel

Brazil's Best - Ricardo (left) and Emanuel

Swiss Silver for Laciga (left) and Eggefr

Brazilian Bronze for Benjamin (left) and Harley


The presenters with the podium (left to right) - Laciga, Egger, Ricardo, Emanuel, Benjamin and Harley

Markus Egger (far) against Ricardo Santos (1)

Switzerland's Markus Egger (right) hits with Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Brazilian Blast by Ricardo

Emanuel Rego (left) against Martin Laciga of Switzerland

Martin Laciga (right) of Switzerland against Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Record-setting team - Emanuel (right) and Ricardo

SWATCH most outstanding player Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Ricardo (left) and Emanuel

The INFOTE Athens Open podium (left to right) - Laciga, Egger, Ricardo, Emanuel, Harley and Benjamin

Brazilians in Athens

Brazilian Bump by Harley (left) and Benjamin

Brazilian fans in Athens

Andrew Schacht of Australia

Australia's Joshua Slack (right) blocks against Benjamin

Benjamin Insfran (center) with the set

Olympian Benjamin Insfran of Brazil

Brazil's Harley Marques

Harley Marques of Brazil

Harley Marques in the sand with Mikasa

Three-time Olympian Emanuel Rego (right) against Benjamin Insfran

Brazilian Ricardo Santos (left) of Brazil

Hard-serving Harley Marques of Brazil

Brazilian reception by Harley Marques (left) with Benjamin Insfran

Benjamin Insfran (left) of Brazil against Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Markus Egger (right) of Switzerland against Joshua Slack of Australia

Joshua Slack (right) of Australia against Martin Laciga of Switzerland

Swiss Celebration for Markus Egger (left) and Martin Laciga

Switzerland's Markus Egger

Hands in the air of Markus Egger (right) of Switzerland with Martin Laciga

Swiss Olympian Martin Laciga

Aussies Andrew Schacht (left) kicks the Mikasa as Joshua Slack eyes the ball

Brazilian towers - Ricardo (left) and Fabio

Ricardo Santos (left) hits against Brazilian rival Fabio Magalhaes

Marcio Araujo (left) and Fabio Magalhaes of Brazil

Ricardo Santos (left) and Emanuel Rego of Brazil

Brazilian Olympic Champion Emanuel

Emanuel Rego of Brazil

Fabio Magalhaes (right) with Brazilian partner Marcio Araujo

Sand Dance for Aussie Andrew Schacht (left) and Matteo Varnier

More Lione (right) against Slack

Ricardo Lione (right) of Italy with Matteo Varnier

Andrew Schacht of Australia

Joshua Slack (right) of Australia celebrates a point with Andrew Schacht

Mikasa & Slack

Aussie Joshua Slack (right) hits against Matteo Varnier of Italy

Varnier (left) and Slack wonder

Andrew Slack (left) of Australia against Italy's Matteo Varnier

Australian hands for Joshua Slack (right) and Andrew Schacht

Mikasa and Italian arms of Ricardo Lione

Olympian Joao Brenha of Portugal

Joao Brenha (right) of Portugal against Matteo Varnier of Italy

Matteo Varnier of Italy scrambles for the Mikasa

Olympian Luis Maia of Portugal goes for the Mikasa

Italian Ricardo Lione (left) celebrates with Matteo Varnier

Austrian Clemons Doppler

Berger (left) and Xenakis

Thanassis Michalopoulos of Greece

Nikolas Doppler Serves Into the Night

Greece's Emmanouil Xenakis

Clemons Doppler of Austria

Andrew Schacht (left) of Australia against Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Emanuel (left) and Slack

Joshua Slack (right) hits against Emanuel Rego of Brazil

Aussie tandem of Joshua Slack (right) and Andrew Schacht

Australian's Joshua Slack

Joshua Slack (right) of Australia

Brazilian Emanuel

Emanuel Rego of Brazil with Ricardo Santos behind

Spaniards celebrate as Alex Ortiz hugs Javier Bosma (1)

Alex Ortiz of Spain with net and Mikasa

Emmanouil Xenakis of Greece

Spaniards Alex Ortiz (left) and Javier Bosma

Thanassis Michalopoulos (left) of Greece against Spain's Alex Ortiz

Greece's Emmanouil Xenakis


Thanassis Michalopoulos (right) of Greece with Emmanouil Xenakis

Spain's Alex Ortiz stretches for the Mikasa

Aussie celebration for Andrew Schacht (left) and Joshua Slack

Joshua Slack of Australia

Emanuel Rego of Brazil

Brazil's Emanuel Rego

Emanuel Rego (left) with a Brazilian reception

Martin Ruul (right) of Estonia and Konstantinos Tampouratzis of Greece

Greek reception by Konstantinos Tampouratzis (right) with partner Dimitrios Neratzis

Kristjan Kais of Estonia

Konstantinos Tampouratzis of Greece

Kristjan Kais (right) of Estonia

Greece's Dimitrios Neratzis

Estonia's Martin Ruul (left) against Greece's Konstantinos Tampouratzis

Mikasa shades fans

Switzerland's Martin Laciga (right) against Ricardo Lione of Italy

FIVB referee makes a point

Italy's Ricardo Lione (right) with partner Matteo Vanier

Swiss reception by Martin Laciga (red hat) with Markus Egger

Martin Laciga of Switzerland

Ricardo Lione (right) of Italy against Martin Laciga of Switzerland

Satoshi Watanabe (right) of Japan goes for the Mikasa

Satoshi Watanabe (left) of Japan and Greece's Emmanouil Xenakis

Thanassis Michalopoulos (right) hits against Japan's Kentaro Asahi

Emmanouil Xenakis (right) points to Greek partner Thanassis Michalopoulos

Emmanouil Xenakis of Greece

Greek Coach Roumeliotis Emmanouil with Emmanouil Xenakis (center) and Thanassis Michalopoulos

Emmanouil Xenakis (left) and Thanassis Michalopoulos of Greece

Georgios Knapek of Greece

Panagiotis Mourtzios (right) receivers and Georgios Knapek of Greece watches

Greece's Panagiotis Mourtzios

Marcio Araujo (center) of Brazil and Fabio Magalhaes

Panagiotis Mourtzios (left) and Georgios Knapek of Greece

SWATCH, Mikasa & Ballperson

Panagiotis Mourtzios of Greece

SWATCH World Champs Fabio Magalhaes (center) and Marcio Araujo discuss a play with FIVB referee

Italy's Riccardo Fenili (right) digs the Mikasa

Eugenio Amore (right) of France against Mathieu Hamel of France

Stephane Canet of France

French Olympian Mathieu Hamel (right) against Riccardo Fenili of Italy

Mikasa presses Italy's Matteo Varnier

Matteo Varnier (left) of Italy hits against Puerto Rico's Ramon Hernandez

Raul Papelo Perez of Puerto Rico

FIVB referee outside

FIVB referees decision a point

Brazilian Bump for Franco Neto (left) and Pedro Cunha

Stretching for the Mikasa is Ruiz Nunez

Brazil's Pedro Cunha

Spaniard winner Ruiz Nunez

Ruiz Nunez of Spain

Ruiz Nunez (right) of Spain against Pedro Cunha of Brazil

Agustin Correa of Spain

Ilias Zolastathiadis of Greece

Greece's Georgios Giatsis

Georgios Giatsis (right) of Greece against Italy's Riccardo Fenili

Riccardo Fenili (right) of Italy receives the Mikasa as Eugenio Amore watches

Australian Fans

Italy's Fenili discusses call with FIVB referee Harald Boes of Germany

Greece's Ilias Zolastathiadis (left) hits against Riccardo Fenili of Italy

Italian coach Giulio Mosci (center) with Eugenio Amore (left) and Riccardo Fenili

Ilias Zolastathiadis of Greece

Austrian block against Georgios Petreas (left) of Greece

Austria's Bernhard Strauss

FIVB referee Anton Pevc of Slovenia

Greece's Georgios Petreas (left) and Pavlos Kouzounis

Bernhard Strauss of Austria

Austria's Bernhard Strauss (left) goes for the Mikasa as Florian Gosch watches

Boersmas (Emiel & Michiel) of the Netherlands

Greece's Dimitrios Niopas with a block attempt

Dutch brothers Michiel (left) and Emiel Boersma

Emanouil Dimitriadis of Greece

Greece's Dimitrios Niopas (left) goes for the Mikasa

Emanouil Dimitriadis of Greece

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