Women's competition, Shanghai
From 26 May To 30 May 2004

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Photo gallery

Proud medal winners

Bronze medal winners Adriana Behar and Shelda Bede (Brazil)

Titlists Holly McPeak and Elaine Youngs (US)

Silver medal winners Jenniefer Jordan and Annett Davis (US)

Medallists on the podium

Holly McPeak and Elaine Youngs (US) hug after winning the gold

Spectators watch the final in light rain

Elaine Youngs (US) and Jennifer Jordan fights on the net

Adriana Behar (Brazil) spikes

You Wenhui (China) spikes

Holly McPeak (US) cuts past Wang Lu (China)

Holly McPeak (US) blocks against You Wenhui (China)

You Wenhui (China) serves in semi-finals

Elaine Youngs (US) cuts over Wang Lu (China)

Adriana Behar (Brazil) fails to dig a ball as Annett Davis (US) celebrates

Adriana Behar (Brazil) celebrates

Annett Davis (US) and Shelda Bede (Brazil) fights on the net

Annett Davis (US) cuts over Adriana Behar (Brazil)

You Wenhui (China) signs autograph

Spectators watch a match in light rain

Wang Lu (China) stuffs Dalixia Grasset (Cuba)

You Wenhui (China) beats Dalixia Grasset (Cuba)

Dalixia Grasset (Cuba) grieves

Tamara Peraza (Cuba) digs a ball up

Dalixia Grasset (Cuba) stuffs a Chinese spike

Guylaine Dumont (Canada) watches the ball fall to the sand

Canada upbeat, China upset

Tian Jia (China) and Guylaine Dumont (Canada) fights on the net

China's Minister of State Sports General Administration Yuan Weimin meets Chinese athletes

Tian Jia (China) spikes

You Wenhui (China) fails to save

Shelda Bede (Brazil) saves with Adriana Behar on the watch

Wang Lu (China) blocks against Adriana Behar (Brazil)

You Wenhui (China) beats Adriana Behar (Brazil) on the net

Annamaria Solazzi (Italy) blocks

Wang Fei (China) and Laura Bruschini (Italy) fights on the net

Tian Jia/Wang Fei (China) celebrates victory

Tian Jia (China) spikes

Wang Fei (China) stretches out for a save

Laura Bruschini (Italy) spikes

Annamaria Solazzi (Italy) watches the ball fall to the sand

China's Minister of State Sports General Administration Yuan Weimin and Vice Secretary of CCP Shanghai Committee Yin Yicui at opening ceremony

Main Draw opener between Tian Jia/Wang Fei (China) and Laura Bruschini/Annamaria Solazzi (Italy)

Performance at opening ceremony

Opening ceremony

Welcome party at Jinshan Hotel

Press conference at Jinshan Hotel

Claire Jaouen (France) on the net

Catalina Pol (Spain) spikes

Sara Montagnolli and Barbara Hansel (Austria) celebrates victory

Barbara Hansel (Austria) blocks Catalina Pol (Spain)

Shanghai fans in uniform

Claire Jaouen (France) beats Han Bo (China) on the net

Erika Nystrom (Finland) hits the ball

Erika Nystrom (Finland) fights against Andrea Ahmann (Germany)

Canada's Wanda Guenette/Nancy Gougeon tear open the Japanese defense

Wanda Guenette from Canada in action

Nancy Gougeon of Canada blocks

Wanda Guenette of Canada beats Japanese Satoko Urata on the net

Satoko Urata from Japan on the net

Wanda Guenette of Cananda smashes home a ball

Catalina Pol of Spain stuffs Miwako Suzuki from Japan

The centre court of Jinshan Open

The venue along the beach

Finland's Erika Nystrom blocks against Kristine Wiig of Norway

Stacey Kloeden of Australia blocks

Aikaterini Nikolaidou-Maria Tsiartsiani from Greece ready to receive

Australia player in the match

Twins Erika Nystrom-Emilia Nystrom from Finland

Players in pratice

South Africa's Leigh Naidoo-Julia Willand in practice