Women's competition, Marseille
From 13 July To 18 July 2004

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Photo gallery

From left the gold medal of marseille Benjamin (BRA) Wacholder and Walsh (USA) and Marcio Araujo (BRA)


Podium from left Jordan Davis Wacholder Walsh Larissa and Juliana (down)

Gold medallist USA's Wacholder and Walsh

Silver medallist USA's Jordan and Davis

Bronze medallist Bra's Juliana and Larissa

Kerri Walsh sign

American Walsh and Wacholder medal gold

American Walsh and Wacholder medal gold

Panoramic view

Final for the gold medal

Jordan (USA) dig

Davis (USA) dig

Many heart for beach volleyball

Walsh (USA) against Davis (USA)

Beach volleyball is love

American Wacholder receive

Wacholder receive

Walsh (USA) riceive

Brazilian spectators

Juliana (BRA) celebrate

Brazilian Felisberta Juliana and Larissa Franca celebrate

Brazilian Juliana and Larissa

Brazilian Juliana and Larissa wins the third place

Mason (USA) dig

Busch (USA) attacks against Juliana (BRA)

Juliana (BRA) dig

Mason (USA) attacks against Larissa (BRA)

Busch (USA) attacks against Juliana (BRA) during the final 3 and 4 place

Mason (USA) dig

Juliana (BRA) attack

Busch (USA) receive

Mason (USA) attacks against block

Larissa Franca (BRA)

Busch (USA) dig

Mason (USA) dig


Walchoder and Scott(USA)

Walsh and Walchoder (USA)

Walsh (USA)

Come on Rachel, let's just do it

Mason (USA) attacks against walsh (USA)

Semifinal game Walsh and Wacholder (USA) against Busch and Mason (USA)

Walsh and Wacholder (USA) against Busch and Mason (USA)

Walsh (USA) attacks against Busch (USA) during semifinal

Busch (USA) serve

Mason (USA) spikes against Walsh (USA)

Busch (USA) spikes against Wacholder (USA)

Different attacks of Busch (USA) against Walsh (USA)

Jordan (USA) celebrate

Jordan (USA)

Felisberta (BRA) attack against Jordan (USA)

Larissa Franca (BRA) attacks against Davis (USA)

Felisberta (BRA) attacks against Davis (USA)

Davis (USA)

Jordan (USA) attack against Felisberta (BRA)

Felisberta (BRA) attack against Jordan (USA)

Felisberta (BRA) attack

Felisberta (BRA)

Jordan (USA) during time out

Davis (USA) dig

Felisberta (BRA) attacks against Jordan (USA)

The twins Nystrom (FIN) in tribune today

Benoit Kuhn (SUI) attacks against Busch (USA)

Schnyder (SUI) spikes

Benoit Kuhn (SUI) attacks against Busch (USA)

Benoit Kuhn (SUI) attacks against Busch (USA)

Perrotta (ITA) attacks against Busch (USA)

Busch (USA) attacks against Perrotta (ITA)

Perrotta (ITA) receive

Busch (USA) digs

Perrotta (ITA) receive

Mason (USA) attacks against Perrotta (ITA)

Gattelli (ITA) digs

Gattelli (ITA) serve

Jordan and Davis (USA) celebrate

Glesnes (NOR) spikes against Davis (USA)

Jordan(USA) digs

American Walsh and Wacholder celebrates

Celbova(CZE) attacks against a block of Walsh (USA)

Walsh (USA) attacks against Celbova(CZE)

Novakova (CZE) attack

Novakova (left) and Celbova(CZE)

American Walsh and Wacholder (digs)

Novakova (left) and Celbova(CZE)

Novakova (CZE) digs

Benoit-Kuhn (SUI) attacks against Felisberta (BRA)

Larissa Franca (BRA)

Benoit-Kuhn (SUI) digs

Benoit-Kuhn (SUI) attacks against Felisberta (BRA)

People out of Central court

Children school after lesson of beach volleyball

Many people in commercial village

A curious expression of American Kerri Walsh

Brazilian Shaylin and Renata Ribeiro digs

A new beach look for Pohl (GER)

Gattelli (ITA) attacks against Mooren (NED)

Keizer (NED) digs

Monaco's prince Alberto Ranieri watch on attacks of the american Walsh

Monaco's prince Alberto Ranieri during a time out of Finland twins Nystrom

Solazzi(ITA) digs

Gattelli (ITA) digs

Finland twins Nystrom cryng for qualification

Perrotta (ITA) attacks against Alcon

Schwer (SUI) digs

Arjona (FRA) attacks against Vollmer (GER)

Arjona (in front) and Kadjo (FRA) celebrate

Kerri Walsh receive

Kerri Walsh (USA) dig