Men's Brazil Open 2004
Salvador, March 16 - 21

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Photo gallery

Argentina's Martin Conde and Mariano Baracetti on the podium

Patrick Heuscher, Stefan Kobal, Ricardo Santos, Emanuel Rego, Martin Conde and Mariano Baracetti saluting Brazil's gold

Ricardo Santos and Emanuel Rego of Brazil on the podium

Emanuel Rego hugs Ricardo Santos after the Brazilian's win

Emanuel Rego of Brazil receives the serve with Ricardo Santos moving to set

Patrick Heuscher of Switzerland goes for the dig

Brazilian flag stands tall above the excited Salvador centre court crowd

Emauel Rego of Brazil hugs partner Ricardo Santos after the matchl

.Emanuel Rego of Brazil justing missing a dig

Emanuel Rego of Brazil digs for a shot

.Ricardo Santos of Brazil cutting against Mariano Baracetti of Argentina

Martin Conde of Argentina hitting against Emanuel Rego of Brazil

Ricardo Santos of Brazil bumps as Emanuel Rego watches

Markus Dieckmann of Germany hits against Franco Neto of Brazil

Francisco Alvarez and Juan Rosell of Cuba

Bjorn Maaseide of Norway makes a point

Stefan Kobel of Switzerland hugs partner Patrick Heuscher

Dax Holdren of the United States dives for the ball

Christoph Dieckmann of Germany after a big play

Pedro Cunha of Brazil stopped by USA Sean Scott's block

In a battle of Olympic medallists, Dain Blanton of the United States (gold, 2000) hits off John Child of Canada (bronze, 1996

Ricardo Santos of Brazil diving for a dig

Brazil's Emanuel Rego hitting against Oleg Kisselev of Kazakhstan

Franco Neto of Brazil hitting over Mathieu Hamel of France

Kristjan Kais of Estonia cools off after his match against Norway

Fabio Magalh“es of Brazil hits against Riccardo Fenili of Italy

Pedro Cunho of Brazil hits

.Kevin Wong of the United States hits

Richard Van Hulzen of Canada blocking at the net

Pavlos Beligratis of Greece pokes over Yannick Salvetti of France

Spanish team of Juan Garcia Thompson/Antonio Cotrino honoring the fallen in Madrid with a black ribbon

ParŖ, the frog, prepares to block at the net

Eric Fonoimoana of the United States hits over Jose Vasquez of Venezuela

Kevin Wong hits against Matt Fuerbringer's block in United States country quota playoff match