Men's competition, Marseille
From 14 July To 18 July 2004

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Photo gallery

Podium men and women

Benjamin and marcio Araujo receive check from Supervisor of FIVB Peter Hreszczuk


Brazilian Marcio Araujo and Benjamin Gold medal

Heuscher and Kobel (SUI) silver medal

Conde and Baracetti (ARG)Bronze medal

Brazilian Benjamin and Marcio Araujo gold medal

Marcio Araujo (BRA)

Heuscher (SUI) attacks against Benjamin(BRA)

Heuscher (SUI) vs Benjamin(BRA)

Benjamin attacks

Benjamin (BRA)spike

Marcio Araujo (BRA)

Benjamin and Marcio Araujo

Final for the gold medal

Benjamin (BRA) spike

Heuscher and Kobel(SUI) celebrate

Heuscher (SUI) digs

Rogers (USA) attacks against Heuscher (SUI)

Heuscher (SUI) attacks against Scott (USA)

Scott (USA) attacks against Heuscher (SUI)

Heuscher (SUI) digs

Rogers (USA) digs

Brazilian Benjamin and Marcio Araujo celebrate

Benjamin (BRA) dig

Marcio Araujo (BRA) attacks against Conde (ARG)

Marcio Araujo (BRA) attacks against Conde (ARG)

Marcio Araujo (BRA) attacks against Baracetti (ARG)

Conde (ARG)

Conde (ARG) vs Marcio Araujo (BRA)

Baracetti (ARG) dig

Conde and Baracetti (ARG) celebrate

Baracaetti (ARG)

Conde (ARG) dig

Rogers and Franco (USA)

Rogers (USA) receive

Franco (BRA) digs

Rogers (USA) attacks against Tande(BRA)

Scott (USA) attacks against Tande(BRA)

Franco (BRA) digs

Franco (BRA) attacks against Scott (USA)

Rogers (USA)

Franco (BRA) attacks against Scott (USA)

Markus Dieckman (GER) receives

Rechermann (GER)

Heuscher and Kobel (SUI) during a time out

Markus Dieckman (GER) attacks against Heuscher (SUI)

Markus Dieckman (receives) and Rechermann (GER)

Conde and Baracetti (ARG) celebrate

Tande (BRA) receive

Benjamin serve (BRA)

Franco (BRA) attacks against Benjamin (BRA)

Tande (BRA)

Herera (ESP) attacks against Scott (USA)

Rogers (USA) dig

Scott (USA) receive

Baracetti (ARG) attacks against Reckerman (GER)

Markus Dieckman (GER)

Baracetti (ARG) attacks against Reckerman (GER)

Baracetti (ARG) receive

When the games is over starting the dancers

Bosma (ESP) attacks against heyer(SUI)

Herrera (ESP) attacks against Heyer (SUI) during a night game

It's difficult take a ball for spectators

Gift for spectators

Kais (EST) set

Vesik (EST)

Scott (USA) attacks Fred (BRA)

Scott (USA) attacks brazilian Harley (yellow)

Fred serve(BRA)

Fred (BRA) attacks against Scott (USA)

Fred and Harley (BRA)

Conde (ARG)

Heuscher (SUI) attacks against Heyer (SUI)

Australian Prosser shoot a photos

Pic nic during a set of Benjamin (BRA)

Araujo (BRA) attacks Baracetti (ARG)

Sky green and sand this is beach volleyball

Switzerland fan with a flag watch on Paul Martin during a serve

Kjemperud (NOR) cover with dust the line before serve for wind problem

Paul Laciga (SUI) celebrate

Referees in the mirror of Martin Laciga(SUI)

Problem with dust for Hoidalen (NOR)

Hoidalen (NOR)

Martin Laciga(SUI) attacks against Kjemperud (NOR)

Martin Laciga (SUI) receive

Hoidalen (NOR)

Kjemperud (NOR) reveive

Alvarez and Rossel celebrate

Mesa (ESP) attacks against Prosser (AUS)

Fonoimoana (USA) attacks against Rossell(CUB)

Coach with videocamera during a serve of Kjemperud (NOR)

Salvetti (FRA) attacks against Reckermann(GER)

Benjamin (Bra) attack against Ahmann (GER)

Monaco's Prince Alberto (left) with boxe champion Mehdi Shanoune and Taekwondo Champion Pascal Gentil ( Right)

Monaco's Prince Alberto Ranieri play beach volleyball

Monaco's Prince Alberto Ranieri receive

Monaco's Prince Alberto Ranieri attack

Monaco's Prince Alberto Ranieri receive

Monaco's Prince Alberto Ranieri play beach volleyball

Germany's player Ahmann (digs) and Hager

FIVB Tech Supervisor Peter Hreszczuk (right) discusses Beach Volleyball with Prince Albert Thursday

Monaco's Prince Albert Ranieri (center) views the action from the above the centre court

Prince Albert Ranieri (center, red shirt) of Monaco surveys the site with event organizer Marc Crousillat

Many people around beach volleyball

Guillermo Para'(BRA) digs

Tande (Bra) attacks against Cunha (BRA)