Men's competition, Mallorca
From 7 July To 11 July 2004

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Photo gallery

The Swiss brothers Laciga - Martin (left) and Paul

Gold medallists - Martin (left) and Paul Laciga of Switzerland

Honor Switzerland (left to right) - Heyer, Egger, Martin Laciga, Paul Laciga, Magalhaes and Paulo Emilio

The Santa Ponsa Podium (left to right) - Heyer, Egger, Martin Laciga, Paul Laciga, Magalhaes and Paulo Emilio

Silver medallists (left to right) - Sascha Heyer and Markus Egger of Switzerland

Bronze medallists (left to right) - Fabio Magalhaes and Paulo Emilio Silva of Brazil

Tough match (left to right) - Sascha Heyer and Markus Egger of Switzerland

Winning touch (left to right) - Switerland's Martin and Paul Laciga

We win in Mallorca - Paul Laciga of Switzerland

No. 3 - Paul Laciga celebrates another Mallorca gold medal win

Markus Egger (No. 2) hits against Martin Laciga in Swiss final

Martin Laciga (right) hits past Sascha Heyer at the net

A bg hit - Sascha Heyer (right) with Martin Laciga

Switzerland's Paul Laciga in the Santa Ponsa sand

More Paul Laciga of Switzerland against Brazilian defense

Paul Laciga of Switzerland with the reception

At the net - Mariano Baracetti (left) of Argentina hits against Sascha Heyer of Switzerland

Mariano Baracetti (No. 1) of Argentina cuts at the net

Markus Egger of Switzerland swipes

Argentina's Martin Conde digs for the Mikasa

Wow - Paul Laciga of Switzerland

Robert Nowotny of Austria stretches for the ball

Martin Conde (left) of Argentina with Austria's Robert Nowotny at the net

Francisco Alvarez digs for Cuba

Cuba's Francisco Alvarez (left) bows to the Mikasa

Germany's Niklas Rademacher ponders a play

Sascha Heyer of Switzerland on the set

Germany's David Klemperer (left) with Switzerland's Markus Egger

Norwegian winners - Iver Horrem (left) and Bjorn Maaseide

Jonas Reckermann (left) of Germany is all arms against Norway

Iver Horrem of Norway hits against Jonas Reckermann of Germany

Australia's Mark Williams

Swiss' Paul Laciga (right) hits against Julien Prosser of Australia

Harley Marques of Brazil stretches for the Mikasa against Spain

Stephan Fournier (left) assists Ricardo Santos (right) of Brazil as Emanuel Rego watches

Brazil's Ricardo Santos rest in the Santa Ponsa sand with ankle injury

Emanuel Rego (left) of Brazil against USA's Stein Metzger

Brazil's Emanuel Rego (dark shirt, No. 2) hits over Stein Metzger of the United States

Austria's Nikolas Berger (right) hits past Antonio Cotrino of Spain

Paul Laciga (right) of Switzerland hits against Spanish block

Germany's Kjell Schneider (No. 2, light uniform) tangles with Swiss Sascha Heyer

Sascha Heyer (left) of Switzerland against Kjell Schneider of Germany

Switzerland's Sascha Heyer bumps

Spain's Javier Bosma (right) hits against Fabio Magalhaes of Brazil

Gijs Ronnes (left) of the Netherlands hits against Satoshi Watanabe of Japan

Satoshi Watanabe of Japan with the reception

Japan's Katsuhiro Shiratori with the hit

The Dutch dig - Jochem DeGruijter (left) and Gijs Ronnes

Netherland's Sander Mulder (No. 1) reaches for the Mallorca sun

Ditmitri Barsouk of Russia with the dig

Russia's Ditmitri Barsouk (right) blocks against the Netherlands

New Zealand's Kirk Pitman with the reception

Juan Rosell (left) of Cuba against Kirk Pitman of New Zealnd

Cuba's Francisco Alvarez on the serve

Salvador Pastor (right) of Spain at the net

At the net - Germany's Julius Brink (left) against Spain's Agustin Correa

Germany's Kjell Schneider after the Mikasa

Pedro Miralles (left) of Spain at the net

Julius Brink of Germany on the reception

Germany's Julius Brink avoids the net

Brazil's Fabio Magalhaes on the serve

Fabio Magalhaes (right) of Brazil digs again

Esteban Alzamora (right) of Spain hits against Fabio Magalhaes of Brazil

Spain's Jose Oliva at the net

Brazil's Fabio Magalhaes digs for the Mikasa

Fabio Magalhaes (right) of Brazil up high against Spain

Cuba's Juan Rosell (right) against Spain

Spain's Salvador Pastor in the Santa Ponsa sand

Salvador Pastor (dark top) of Spain hits against Cuba's Juan Rosell

Sebastian Goettlinger of Austria

Canada's Conrad Leinemann (left) goes for the Mikasa

Alexander Horst of Austria hits at the net against Canada

Austria's Alexander Horst on the reception

Sergio Martin (left) of Spain against Mathieu Hamel of France

Stephane Canet of France on the set

Carlos Delgado, Mayor of Calvia greets the media at Mallorca Beach Volleyball

Harley Marques (far left) and Stein Metzger (far right) at Mallorca Media Conference