Men's competition, Gstaad
From 16 June To 20 June 2004

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Photo gallery

One last yahoo - Patrick Heuscher (left) and Stefan Kobel of Switzerland

The Medallists and the Presenters

Podium (left to right) Reckerman, Dieckmann, Heuscher, Kobel, Emanuel and Ricardo

A final wave (left to right), Reckerman, Dieckmann, Heuscher, Kobel, Emanuel and Ricardo

Celebrating a Swiss win

The podium (left to right), Reckerman, Dieckmann, Heuscher, Kobel, Emanuel and Ricardo

Gold medallists - Patrick Heuscher (left) and Stefan Kobel of Switzerland

Silver medallists - Jonas Reckerman (left) and Markus Dieckmann of Germany

Bronze medallists - Emanuel Rego (left) and Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Thank you - Patrick Heuscher (left) and Stefan Kobel of Switzerland

Stefan Kobel (1) salutes the crowd while Patrick Heuscher rests

Swiss Success - Stefan Kobel (1) and Patrick Heuscher

Switzerland's Stefan Kobel continues his flight

Stefan Kobel of Switzerland stretches for the ball

At the net - Switzerland's Patrick Heuscher (left) against Jonas Reckermann of Germany

Switzerland's Patrick Heuscher receives the ball

Switzerland's Patrick Heuscher stretches for the ball

Stefan Kobel of Switzerland in the sand

Markus Dieckmann (1) of Germany on the attack

Jonas Reckermann (yellow top) of Germany against Switzerland's Patrick Heuscher

Switzerland's Patrick Heuscher (left) at the net against Markus Dieckmann of Germany

Swiss fans on their feet

Jonas Reckermann (left) of Germany at the net against Patrick Heuscher of Switzerland

Patrick Heuscher (left) of Switzerland attempts block against Markus Dieckmann of Germany

Gold medal action in the Alps

Swiss fans watching pre-gold medal game events

The Balloons fly in Gstaad

Brazilian Olympian Ricardo Santos (left) hits against Benjamin Insfran

Brazilian Emanuel Rego prepares to bump set

Marcio Araujo (right) and Emanuel Rego of Brazil

Marcio Araujo of Brazil sets

Beach Volleyball Brazilian-style in the Alps

Marcio Araujo (right) and Emanuel Rego of Brazil

Benjamin Insfran with a Brazilian bump

Markus Dieckmann of Germany sets

A thinking Benjamin Insfran of Brazil

Marcio Araujo of Brazil goes for the ball

Brazil's Marcio Araujo (right) hits cross court

Benjamin Insfran of Brazil in the sand

A bump set by Jonas Reckermann of Germany

Brazilian Marcio Araujo goes for the ball

Marcio Araujo of Brazil sets

Jonas Reckermann (left) of Germany against Marcio Araujo of Brazil

Swiss fans watch the action

Germany's Jonas Reckermann (left) and Marcio Araujo of Brazil

Jonas Reckermann (right) of Germany receives

Stefan Kobel (white hat) hugs Patrick Heuscher after a Swiss semi-final win

Stefan Kobel lays in the sand after a Swiss win over Brazil

Stefan Kobel of Switzerland stretches for the Mikasa

Swiss hands in action

Emanuel Rego of Brazil bumps the ball

Patrick Heuscher of Switzerland sets

Brazil's Emanuel Rego after a key point

Stefan Kobel of Switzerland receives a serve

Emanuel Rego of Brazil (right) at the net with Patrick Heuscherl of Switzerland

Yahoo! - Swiss' Sascha Heyer

Argentina's Mariano Baracetti (left) with Sascha Heyer of Switzerland at the net

Switzerland's Sascha Heyer digs

Martin Conde of Argentina bumps

Sascha Heyer of Switzerland hits against Martin Conde of Argentina

Center court action in Gstaad

Stefan Kobel of Switzerland bump sets

TV cameraman during technical timeout

Yellow card by Darryl Friesen of Canada

Martin Laciga of Switzerland with the stare

Swiss at the net - Martin Laciga (left) block attempts against Patrick Heuscher

Brazil's Emanuel Rego receives

The action in the center of Gstaad

Switzerland's Sascha Heyer (No. 1) at the net against Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Markus Egger of Switzerland (right) hits against Emanuel Rego of Brazil

Mark Williams of Australia with his Mikasa

Aussie Mark Williams dives for the ball

Julien Prosser of Australia in action

The fan with the hands

More Paul Laciga of Switzerland

Paul Laciga of Switzerland in the sand for the Mikasa

Sascha Heyers of Switzerland bumps sets with Fabio Magalhaes of Brazil watching

Markus Egger of Switzerland (left) against Fabio Magalhaes of Brazil

Fabio Magalhaes of Brazil receives

Markus Egger of Switzerland gets excited

Fabio Magalhaes of Brazil blocks Markus Egger of Switzerland

Sascha Heyer of Switzerland receiving

Fabio Magalhaes of Brazil attempts to block Markus Egger of Switzerland

Beach Volleyball Plaza entertainment

Martin Laciga sets

Martin Laciga of Switzerland goes for the black against France's Mathieu Hamel

Mathieu Hamel of France attempts to block Swiss Paul Laciga

Paul Laciga of Switzerland on the reception

I am the one - Benjamin Insfran of Brazil

Marcio Araujo of Brazil hits past Florian Gosch of Austria

Austria's Florian Gosch attempts to hit past Benjamin Insfran of Brazil

Sascha Heyer of Switzerland on his knee with the ball

Nikolas Berger of Austria on the reception

Ricardo Santos of Brazil sets

Switzerland's Jan Schnider (left) at the net with Brazil's Emanuel Rego

Jan Schnider of Switzerland (right) hits over Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Switzerland's Thomas Buesser (2) receives and Michel Kertai moves

Tarjei Skarlund of Norway serving

Kazakhstan's Dmitriy Vorobvev hits against Thomas Buesser of Switzerland

Julien Dougoud of Switzerland hits against Kjell Goranson of Norway

Hannes Wyder of Switzerland receiving with Julien Dougoud moving

Japanese referee Takashi Fujii at the net

Austrians Alexander Horst (left) and Sebastian Goettlinger

Thomas Buesser of Switzerland (left) at the net with Dmitriy Vorobvev of Kazakhstan

Michel Kertai of Switzerland shoots past Kazakhstan's Pavel Zabuslayev

Julien Dougoud of Switzerland sets

Michel Kertai of Switzerland dives into the Gstaad sand

Receiving the ball - Julien Dougoud of Switzerland

Simon Nausch of Austria

Norway's Kjell Goranson hits pass Sergey Sayfulin of Russia