Men's competition, Espinho
From 2 June To 6 June 2004

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Photo gallery

Podium finishers - 1.Brazil, 2.Norway, 3.Brazil

Emanuel (Brazil) sprints after the ball

Vegard Hoidalen (Norway) leaps

A joyous Ricardo (Brazil)

Celebration time - Brazil's Ricardo and Emanuel hug

Emanuel of Brazil in the final

Total support - Brazilian fans cheer their team on

Going down - Ricardo (Brazil)

Brazil's Ricrado and Emanuel in action

Markus Dieckmann of Germany

Jonas Reckermann (Germany) challenges Ricardo (Brazil)

Emanuel and Ricardo (Brazil)

Jorre Andre Kjemperud (Norway)

Norway versus Brazil in the semi-final

Jorre Andre Kjemperud (far side - Norway) in the semi-final

Brazil's Benjamin drops to his knees

Germany's Jonas Reckermann (near side) rises with Julien Prosser (Australia)

Japanese giant Satoshi Watanebe

Katsuhiro Shiratori (Japan) with the spike

Digging in the sand - Katsuhiro Shiratori (Japan)

Japan's Satoshi Watanebe and Katsurhiro Shiratori

Teamwork - Paul and Martin Laciga (Switzerland)

Argentina take on Switzerland in Espinho

Mariano Baracetti (Argentina) jumps for the block

Firm connection - Sascha Heyer of Switzerland

Argentina's Martin Conde dives as teammate Mariano Baracetti looks on

Francisco Alvarez of Cuba rises high

Mark Heese of Canada makes the block

Switzerland battle Canada on centre court

Swissair - Paul Laciga (Switzerland) can't stay on his feet

Paul Laciga (Switzerland) takes to the air

Entertaining the fans in Espinho

Nelson Briyida (left) and Jose Pedrosa of Portugal

Sascha Heyer and Markus Egger of Switzerland

Joao Brenha (Portugal) receives treatment for an injured ankle

Joao Brenha (Portugal) limps out of the tournament

The big man - Ricardo (Brazil)

Facing danger - Ksell Schneider of Germany

Joining hands - Josh Slack and Andrew Schacht (Australia)

Those about to receive - Andrew Schacht and Josh Slack of Australia

Celebration time - Kjell Arne Goranson and Tarjei Skarlund (Norway)

Talking point - Norway's Kjell Arne Goranson and Tarjei Skarlund

Mark Heese of Canada

Pavlos 'Beli' Beligratis of Greece

Dynamic duo - Para and Pedro Cunha of Brazil

Rivo Vesik of Estonia

South Africa's Colin Pocock

Gershon Rorich of South Africa

Miguel Xisto (Angola)

Eyes on the ball - Kirk Pitman of New Zealand

Net result - Emiel Boersma (Netherlands)

Jason Lochhead (New Zealand) makes contact

Bruno Carvalho of Portugal (far side) in action

Emiel Boersma of the Netherlands in action against New Zealand

Austrian referee Andrea Haas lays down the law

Getting stuck in - Hugo Oliveira and Leonel Gomes (Portugal)

An all Portuguese clash on centre court, Espinho

Teamwork - Rui Oliveira and Alexandre Afonso (Portugal)

Hugo Oliveira and Leonel Gomes of Portugal