Men's competition, Berlin
From 23 June To 27 June 2004

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Photo gallery

One last look from the Schlossplatz

Proud winners - Markus Dieckmann (left) and Jonas Reckermann of Germany

The podium (left to right) - Paul Laciga, Martin Laciga, Markus Dieckmann, Jonas Reckermann, Martin Conde and Mariano Baracetti

The final spray - Markus Dieckmann, center

The podium (left to right) - Paul Laciga, Martin Laciga, Markus Dieckmann, Jonas Reckermann, Martin Conde and Mariano Baracetti

Gold medallists - Markus Dieckmann (left) and Jonas Reckermann of Germany

Silver medallists - Paul (left) and Martin Laciga of Switzerland

Bronze medallists - Martin Conde (left) and Mariano Baracetti of Argentina

Switzerland's Paul Laciga

Markus Dieckmann (center) bumps to attacking Jonas Reckermann

Paul Laciga of Switzerland receives

Germans Markus Dieckmann (left) and Jonas Reckermann in the sand

Swiss Paul Laciga (right) hits against Jonas Reckermann of Germany

Markus Dieckmann of Germany gets excited

Jonas Reckermann of Germany sets

A big serve by Jonas Reckermann of Germany

Switzerland's Paul Laciga (right) lobs over Jonas Reckermann of Germany

Behind Jonas Reckermann of Germany hit

Paul Laciga (right) of Switzerland hits against Jonas Reckermanb of Germany

Getting ready for the finale

Entertainment before the gold medal match

Martin Conde of Argentina salutes the crowd

Mariano Baracetti of Argentina saves the Mikasa

A dig by Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Brazil reception by Emanuel Rego (left) with Ricardo Santos watching

Emanuel Rego (right) of Brazil with Martin Conde of Argentina

The Smart Grand Slam

More centre court action

Schlossplatz full house in front of the Berliner Dom Sunday

That's the way I like it - Swiss Paul Laciga

Ricardo Santos (left) with Brazilian partner Emanuel Rego

Emanuel Rego of Brazil

Brazilian fans at SWATCH-FIVB World Tour

Brazil reception for Emanuel Rego

Emanuel Rego of Brazil looks for the ball

Brazil's Emanuel Rego misses the ball

More centre court glee for Germans Markus Dieckmann (left) and Jonas Reckermann

An excited Marcus Dieckmann of Germany

Markus Dieckmann of Germany bumps

Martin Conde (left) of Argentina goes for the block against German Markus Dieckmann

Mariano Baracetti of Argentina servies

Markus Dieckmann of Germany in the sand for the Mikasa

Argentina's Mariano Baracetti (right) hits against Jonas Reckermann

Another Berlin Win for Argentina's Mariano Baracetti (left) and Martin Conde

Martin Conde of Argentina goes for the ball

Australian Joshua Slack on the reception

Joshua Slack (right) of Australia attempts block against Argentina's Martin Conde

Aussie Joshua Slack

Argentina's Martin Conde (right) hits past Joshua Slack of Australia

Martin Conde of Argentina

An excited Aussie - Andrew Schacht

Martin Conde of Argentina at the net against Australia

Brazil's marcio Araujo stretches for the Mikasa

Marcio Araujo (standing) talks with his fallen Brazilian partner Benjamin Insfran

Brazil's Benjamin Insfran receives

Watching and taping the action

Jonas Reckermann passes the ball to German partner

Franco Neto of Brazil gets excited

Brazil's Tande Ramos stretches for the Mikasa

Setting is Brazil's Franco Neto

Bjorn Maaseide of Norway makes a point

Tande Ramos of Brazil signals the play

Vegard Hoidalen of Norway sets

Olympic gold medallists Dain Blanton inj action

USA's Jeff Nygaard (right) hits past Vegard Hoidalen of Norway

Norway's Jorre Kjemperud serves

Enjoing a rest in the sand is Germany's Niklas Rademacher

Australia's Julien Prosser (left) hits past Niklas Rademacher of Germany

Mariano Barcetti of Argentina receives the Mikasa

Germany's Julius Brink on the reception

Julius Brink of Germany stretches for the ball

Argentina's Mariano Baracetti (with glasses) hits over Kjell Schneider of Germany

Julius Brink bump sets for Germany

I got it - Kjell Schneider of Germany bumps the Mikasa

Julius Brink (right) of Germany against Martin Conde of Argentina

Laciga x 2 - Martin (left) and Paul

Clemens Doppler of Austria serves

Paul Laciga of Switzerland likes the result

Nikolas Berger at the net against the Swiss Laciga brother

Ditmitri Barsouk of Russia receives

Roman Arkaev (right) of Russia hits against Marvin Polte of Germany

Russian Roman Arkaev bends at the knees

Ditmitri Barsouk (left) of Russia hits against Germany's Marvin Polte

Thorsten Schoen of German likes the action

Roman Arkaev of Russia sets

Russia's Ditmitri Barsouk (left) hits against Germany

Brazil's Fabio Magalhae receives the ball

Paulo Emilio Silva of Brazil pats the Mikasa

Fabio Magalhaes of Brazil retrieves the ball

Andreas Scheuerpflug of Germany with the serve

Australia's Joshua Slack bumps

John Child of Canada sets

Aussie Andrew Schacht bumps

Mark Heese of Canada moves to the ball

Andrew Schacht of Australia dives for the ball

Olympian Mark Heese of Canada goes for the Mikasa

Canada's John Child prepares for Joshua Slack of Australia

Joshua Slack of Australia hits against Mark Heese of Canada

Estonia's Rivo Vesik prepares

Kristjan Kais bumps for Estonia

Rivo Vesik of Estonia

Franciso Alvarez of Cuba prepares for bump

Todd Rogers of the United States at the net against Cuba

More Dain Blanton of the United States setting

USA's Dain Blanton sets

Olympian Dain Blanton of the United States in the sand

USA's Jeff Nygaard sets

Emaneul Rego of Brazil with the reception

Peter Gartmayer of Austria receives

Brazil's Emanuel Rego stretches for the Mikasa

Robert Nowotny of Austria hits off Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Brazilian Emanuel Rego (left) blocks against Peter Gartmayer of Austria

Austrian Pete Gartmayer (right) hits against Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Markus Egger (dark top, 2) gits against Brazilian Fabio Magalhaes

Moving to the ball - Jonas Reckermann of Germany

Markus Dieckmann goes for the Mikasa

Germany's Jonas Reckerman on the serve

Jonas Reckermann (dark top) of Germany at the net with Julius Brink

Germany's Julius Brink serving

Jonas Reckermann (left) against German rival Kjell Schneider

Iver Horrem of Norway after scoring a point against Germany

Andreas Scheuerpflug of Germany sets

Iver Horrem (No. 2) at the net against Christoph Dickermann of Germany

Robert Nowotny of Austria bumps sets

Peter Gartmayer of Austria hits past Roman Arkaev of Russia

Brazil's Ricardo Santos (right) against Marvin Polte of Germany

Emanuel Rego of Brazil instructs Ricardo Santos

Thorsten Schoen of Germany receives

Emanuel Rego takes a break with Brazilian partner Ricardo Santos

Brazil's Emanuel Rego serves

Ahren Cadieux of Canada stretches for the ball

USA's Sean Scott (left) against Richard Van Huizen of Canada

More qualifying action in front of Berliner Dom - Austria and Norway

Japan's Satoshi Watanabe against Kjell Schneider of German

On the sand in Berlin - Austria vs. Norway for Qualificationl