Women's Italian Open 2003
Milan, 03 - 07 September

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Photo gallery

China's Fei Wang and Jia Tian

Podium from left to right: Adriana Behar - Shelda (Bra) Jia Tan - Wang Fei (Chn) and Mason - De Necochea (USA)

China's Jia Tian and Fei Wang win

Brazil's Shelda attacks against Fei Wang(Usa)

Brazil's Shelda Kelly Bruno Bede digs

America's Nancy Mason digs

America's Dianne De Necochea and Nancy Mason

America's Dianne De Necochea attacks against Rebekka Kadijk(Ned)

A fantastic view of the action in Milan

A fantastic view of the action in Milan

Brazil's Shelda Kelly Bruno Bede

Italy's Daniela Gattelli

The Netherland's Rebekka Kadijk attacks against Lucilla Perrotta (Ita)

China's Jia Tian and Fei Wang

American's Nancy Mason and Dianne De Necochea celebrate as Ingrid Torlen(Nor) tries unsuccessfully to dig

Australia's Natalie Cook attacks against Stephanie Pohl(Ger)

Australia's Natalie Cook

Suzanne Lahme(Ger) attacks against Efrosyni Sfyri(Gre)

Germany's Suzanne Lahme is desperate in defence

Lahme misses the block

Lahme attacks

Italy's Lucilla Perrotta watches the ball after a tip from Bulgaria's Lina Yanchulova (right)

Italy's Daniela Gattelli and Lucilla Perrotta( No1)celebrates

Italy's Daniela Gattelli celebrates

Wenhui You (Chn) attacks against Anna Maria Solazzi (Ita)

Wenhui You (Chn) attacks

Laura Bruschini(Ita) attacks against Lu Wang (Chn)

Italy's Maurizia Cacciatori blocks against Simone Kuhn(Sui)

The Italian pair of Maurizia Cacciatori and Elisa Folco (left) after the match with Switzerland's Nicole Schnyder-Benoit and Simone Kuhn

Italy's Maurizia Cacciatori digs

Brazil's Ana Paula Connelly before the match

Brazil's Sandra Pires attacks

Brazil's Sandra Pires receives

Sandra Pires (Bra) attacks against Angela Clarke(Aus)

Italy's Daniela Gattelli (left) and Lucilla Perrotta

Lucilla Perrotta (Ita) attacks against Laura Bruschini(Ita)

Australia's Angela Clarke

A beautiful block by Angela Clarke

Maurizia Cacciatori(Ita) attacks

Maurizia Cacciatori(Ita) receives

Renata Ribeiro(Bra) vs Dianne De Necochea(Usa)

Shaylyn Bruno Bede (Bra) vs De Necochea(Usa)

Japan's Ryoko Tokuno and Chiaki Kusuara

Night time view of centre court

Italy's Gaia Cicola and Diletta Lunardi during a time out

Diletta Lunardi(Ita) attacks against Ryoko Tokuno(Jpn)

Diletta Lunardi(Ita) blocks against Ryoko Tokuno(Jpn)

Japan's Ryoko Tokuno and Chiaki Kusuara

Cicola-Lunardi(Ita) vs Tokuno - Kusuhara(Jpn)

Czech Republic's Marketa Tychnova blocks against the Lina Yanchulova of Bulgaria

The Italy's Maurizia Cacciatori sets in front of Arco della Pace

The view of court 4 in front of Sforzesco Castle

Gaia Cicola(Ita) attacks against Sonia Alonso (Esp)

The Czech Republic's Katerina Tychnova sets for her sister Marketa playing against the Yanchulova sisters of Bulgaria in front of Sforzesco Castle

Denise Austin(Eng) digs

Denise Austin(Eng) receives

Amanda Jane Glover (Eng) blocks vs Ester Alcon (Esp)

Roberta Marini (Ita) digs

Kathrine Maaseide (Nor) receive

Night view of centre court

Kathrine Maaseide(Nor) to serve

Margherita Chiavaro(Ita)

Margherita Chiavaro(Ita) attacks against Market Tychnova(Cze)

Chiavaro(Ita) digs

The twins Erika and Emilia Nystrom from Finland

Courts 2 and 3 at the Arco della Pace

Miwako Suzuki(Jpn) vs Valeria Magri (Ita)

Sachie Oguri (Jpn) vs Cristiana Parenzan (Ita)

Lea Schwer(Sui) attacks vs Nicole Kojan (Sui)

Leila Barros(Bra)