Women's US Grand Slam 2003
Los Angeles, 18 - 21 September

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Photo gallery

Gold medallists Kerri Walsh (L) and Misty May

Natalie Cook (L) and Nicole Sanderson

Silver medallists Ana Paula and Sandra Pires (R)

LA champions Kerri Walsh and Misty May (R)

The winners podium (L-R) Australia, America and Brazil

LA champions interviewed by the media

LA champions Misty May (L) and Kerri Walsh

Kerri Walsh (L) and Misty May celebrate victory

Misty May in defence

Kerri Walsh receives

Mist May punches the air

Ana Paula Connelly

Mist May of America

Ana Paula Connelly

Kerri Walsh sets

Sandra Pires in defence

May digs for Walsh (R)

Referee Roberto Regiani

Mist May sets

Brazil's Sandra Pires

Center court at the Home Depot sports comples

May (L) jousts with Sandra Pires as Ana Paula looks on

Aussie bronze medallists Sanderson (L) and Cook

Wang celebrates a point

Sanderson prepares to serve

Tian (R) and Wang

Wang Fei of China

Tian evades the block of Sanderson

American Beach fans

Sanderson (L) blocks Tian

Aussie Nat Cook

China's Wang Fei

Cook (L) blocks Tian

China Tian Jia

Sanderson blocks Tian

Wang (L) and Sanderson joust

Ana Paula (R) and Sandra Pires reach the LA final

Sandra Pires calls the shots

China's Tian Jia

Sandra Pires (R) sets for Ana Paula

Good finger control from China's Wang Fei

Brazil's Sandra Pires

A Californian band plays Californian tunes

A determined looking Walsh (L) and May

May reaches in defense

Nat Cook

Walsh (L) looks for the angle on Sanderson

American Misty May

Walsh (L) blocks Cook

Sanderson (L) tries to evade the block of Walsh

May (R) and Walsh after reaching yet another final

Walsh (R) goes up to block fellow-American Wacholder

Cook shows the control that helped her win the Sydney Olympic gold

Lahme of Germany receives

Elaine Youngs takes a moment to reflect

Aussie Nat Cook celebrates winning pool

Musch of Germany digs

McSorley sets

Busch (R) and Lahme joust

Lahme of Germany gets set to serve

Germany's Lahme (R) blocks McSorley of the USA

Busch of America sets for McSorley

American's Leanne McSorley celebrates winning her group

China's Wang-Fei

Switzerland's Simone Kuhn

Wang Fei sets for Tian Jia

China's Tian Jia

Felisberta Silva (R) spikes, May blocks

Walsh digs

America's Walsh (L) goes for a push shot past Jackie Silva

Misty May digs

America's Misty May (L) blocks Brazilian Felisberta Silva

Norway's fast-improving Ingrid Torlen