Men's Swiss Open 2003
Gstaad, 18 - 22 June


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Photo gallery

Gold medal winners Benjamin and Marcio Araujo of Brazil

Brazilians Benjamin and Marcio Araujo show off their cow bells

The top three teams in Gstaad

Podium photo - 1st) Benjamin-Marcio Araujo BRA, 2nd) Dieckmann M.-Reckermann GER, 3rd) Kobel-Heuscher SUI

MVP at the Gstaad Open Reckermann of Germany

Bronze medallist Patrick Heuscher of Brazil

Benjamin holds aloft the prize package with partner Marcio Araujo

Germany's Markus Dieckmann is pumped up

Reckermann on attack as Benjamin blocks

Marcio goes the extra distance

Marcio of Brazil

Celebration time for Dieckmann

Dieckmann on the dig

Reckermann blocks Benjamin's spike

Benjamin from Brazil celebrates during the final

Benjamin and Reckermann

Kobel saluts to the Gstaad crowd

Stefan Kobel from Switzerland

Switzerland's Patrick Heuscher

Austria's Nikolas Berger fights for possession with Patrick Heuscher of Switzerland in Sunday's Bronze medal match

A dejected Berger of Austria Down and out of the semifinals

Germany's Reckermann celebrates making his first final

Heuscher of Switzerland digs

Austria's Doppler

Marcio of Brazil

Brazils Benjamin looks for inspiration in the semifinal

Argentine Mariano Baracetti and Sander Mulder (L) of the Netherlands

World Tour champion Martin Alejo Conde of Argentina

Argentina∆s World Tour champion Mariano Baracetti

Martin Laciga of Switzerland congratulates his brother

Swiss Paul Laciga at full-stretch

Mexico's Tomas 'Cucaracha' Arreola takes a jump test

A dejected Janis Grinbergs after crashing out of Qualifying

Mexicans Juan Rodriguez Ibarra (L) celebrates with 'Cucaracha' Arreola

Casey Jennings of America

America∆s Matthew Fuerbringer receives

Amercia's Matthew Fuerbringer (L) celebrates qualifying

Flying dig by Greece∆s Pavlos Beligratis

Brazilian 'Paulao' stretches at the net

China∆s Qiang Xu looks skyward for inspiration

Sergey Sayfulin of Russia

China∆s Qiang Xu (L) jousts with Russian Sergey Sayfulin

China∆s Qiang Xu

Germany∆s Niklas Rademacher

Austria∆s Did Maderbock jousts with Matthew Fuerbringer of the USA

America∆s Matthew Fuerbringer spikes, while Austrian Andreas Matzler blocks

Sander Mulder of the Netherlands sets for his team mate

Julien Prosser of Australia

Austria∆s Didi Maderbock in defense

Mexico's Tomas Arreola (L) and Juan Rodriguez Ibarra enjoy their victory

America's Dain Blanton (R) duels in the country playoffs

Jeff Nygaard (L) attempts a block