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Women's Japanese Open 2002
Osaka, 7 - 11 August
Teams participating in the Qualification Tournament
Seed Team name Ctry.
Pos. Points
    Gerlic-Lochowicz AUS
    Avery-Orchard AUS
    Van Lierop-Van Breedam BEL
    De Decker-Duyck BEL
    Jesus-Malm BRA
    Gougeon-Lessard CAN
    Boileau-Morin CAN
    Jobst-Maxwell CAN
    Guenette-Rudol CAN
    Pan-Ji CHN
    Wang-You CHN
    Palacio-Quevedo CUB
    Alcon-Pol ESP
    Gallardo-Navarro ESP
    Jaouen-Lienard FRA
    Syren-Luge FRA
    Riera-Berjonneau FRA
    Kadjo-Arjona FRA
    Deister-Claasen GER
    Ahmann-Vollmer GER
    Banck-Stein GER
    Nikolaidou-Koutroumanidou GRE
    Nagy-Schlegl HUN
    Timy-Risma INA
    Marini-Isidori ITA
    Yamakawa-Komatsu JPN
    Kato-Kano JPN
    Ayako-Oda JPN
    Junko-Miho JPN
    Minusa-Pulina LAT
    Valencia-Laura D. MEX
    Schjerven-Oyra NOR
    Josefsen-Hansen NOR
    Hakedal-Torlen NOR
    Todd-Blundell NZL
    Granström-Ljungquist SWE
    Sannok-Kulna THA
- Entry Points 

Entry Points are the sum of individual ranking points based on the best 4 out of 5 FIVB Open, Grand Slam, and World Championships participations within the last 365 days. 
Two FIVB Wild Cards are available for each World Tour Open gender event except for World Championships and Grand Slam where four Wild Cards are available for each gender
8 teams from the Qualification Tournament (QT) will join the 22 directly entered teams + 2 Wild Cards to complete the 32-team Main Draw.


In the Qualification Tournament, Teams are seeded as per the Athlete's 365 day FIVB World Ranking points on the day before the event.
In the Main Draw, all teams are seeded as per the athlete's most recent Main Draw finishing (average of the best 4 out of 5 last finishes) over the last 12 months in the FIVB World Tour Events on the day before the start of the event.