Women's U18 Event 2004
ITALY, Termoli

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Photo gallery

More podium (left to right) - Figeiredo, Solberg Salgado, Urban, Wiatr, Sude and B速tner

Podium placers (left to right) - Figeiredo, Solberg Salgado, Urban, Wiatr, Sude and B速tner

Women medallists - Top left to right, Figeiredo, Solberg Salgado, Wiatr, Urban; Bottom left to right, Sude and B速tner

Poland's Joanna Wiatr

Germany's Julia Sude (left) and Florentina B速tner

MVP Katarzyna Urban of Poland

Germany's Florentina B速tner (left) and Julia Sude

Brazilians Barbara Figueiredo (left) and Carolina Solberg Salgado

Brazil's Barbara Figueiredo

Margo Wiltens of the Netherlands

Netherlands Marleen Van Iersel

Marleen Van Iersel of the Netherlands

Netherland's Margo Wiltens (top) and Marleen Van Ierset

Marleen Van Iersel of the Netherlands

Stephanie Barry of the United States

Viktoria Petrova of Russia

Where's the Ball - Netherland's Marleen Van Iersel

Brazilian Champions Carolina Solberg Salgado (left) and Barbara Figueiredo

Viktoria Petrova of Russia

Enrica Merlo (left) and Milady Bozzato of Italy

Julia Sude (left) of Germany blocks against Enrica Merlo of Italy

Italian Laura Caracuta serves the Mikasa

Olega Bukreeva (left) of Russia against Italy

Russian Viktoria Petrova with the serve

Viktoria Petrova of Russia

Carolina Aragao of Brazil

Brazilians Carolina Solberg Salgado (right) and Barbara Figueiredo

Where's the Ball? - Alessia Golinelli (left) and Lisa Braggion of Italy

Brazil's Carolina Solberg Salgado

Carolina Solberg Salgado of Brazil with the Mikasas

Italians Lisa Braggion (left) and Alessia Golinelli

France's Renaud Ventesque

Erika Fabjan of Slovenia

Emma Larche of France

Solvenia's Erika Fabjan (center) at the net

Krystyna Adams of Canada

Canada's Jayme Greig kicks up the sand

Russia's Natalia Stepanova watches the Mikasa

Jayme Greig of Canada