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China, Indonesia, Italy & Thailand Teams Pace Bangkok Beach Volleyball Event
Bangkok, Thailand, February 25, 2005 - With three former Beach Volleyball Olympians in the field, the 2005 SWATCH-FIVB World Tour opened here this week with tandems from host Thailand along with China, Indonesia and Italy pacing the 12-team field for the US$10,000 Mazda Satellite event.

Annamaria Solazzi, a 1996 and 2000 Olympian, won her opening match Friday with Diletta Lunardi as the second-seeded Italians posted a 21-18 and 21-10 win over 10th-seeded Kamoltip Kulna and Usa Tenpaksee of Thailand. Lunardi and Solazzi face sixth-seeded Kasinee Godtalang and Arawan Tongkamkak of Thailand in the second of four semi-final qualifying matches Saturday.

Godtalag and Tongkamkak have posted two wins in the competition, including a 21-9 and 21-14 upset win over third-seeded Iim Muka-dimah and Siti Nurjanah of Indonesia Friday. Godtalag and Tongkamkak opened with a 21-9, 17-21 ad 15-9 win Thursday over 11th-seeded Kong Cheuk Yee and Wing Hung Tse of Hong Kong.

Saturday's first semi-final qualifying match features top-seeded Linjun Ji and Whenhui You of China against fourth-seeded Devota Rahawarin and Timy Yudhani Rahayu of Indonesia. Whenhui You (2004) and Rahayu (1996) are past Olympians as both their teams won their opening matches Friday.

Linjun Ji and Whenhui You posted a 21-15 and 21-16 victory over ninth-seeded Yupa Puklongploy and Jarunee Sannok of Thailand while Rahawarin and Rahayu posted a 21-18 and 22-20 win over 12th-seeded Denise Johns and Monique Oliver of England.

Four other teams remain in the competition, including two teams from the host country. Kulna and Tenpaksee challenge eighth-seeded Mai Thi Hoa and Phan Thi Cam Hong of Vietnam and seventh-seeded Megan Avery and Larraine Busch of Australia face Puklongploy and Sannok in opening elimination matches Saturday.

Saturday's final two matches will determine the final two berths for Sunday's semi-final and medal matches. The winner of the match between Kulna/Tenpaksee and Mai Thi Hoa/Phan Thi Cam Hong face the loser of the match between Linjun Ji/Whenhui You and Rahawarin/Timy while the Avery/Busch versus Puklongploy/Sannok winner plays the loser of the Lunardi/Solazzi versus Godtalang/Tongkamkak match.

Placing ninth in the competition were Muka-dimah/Nurjanah, fifth-seeded Nicole Midwin/Patti Scofield of the United States, Kong Cheuk Yee/Wing Hung Tse and Johns/Oliver. Sunday's winner will net the $2,000 first-place prize as Thailand hosts its second FIVB-sanctioned Beach Volleyball event. Sannok and Kulna placed fourth together in the 2001 Thailand Challenger event in Pattaya.
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